Education and Culture Centre - BRNO Office

Brno office:

tøída Kpt. Jaroše 3,
602 00 Brno
tel: +420 544 509 651
fax: +420 544 509 652


[email]  Jitka Králová
head of the branch,
cultural programmes

[email]  Dagmar Juráòová
education activities


The Education and Culture Centre, Brno was officially opened on September 2006. This is the first office of the Jewish Museum in Prague’s Education and Culture Centre outside of the capital.
The official opening of the Brno office After ten years of success of the Education and Culture Centre in Prague and coinciding with the extensive cultural project “Year of Jewish Culture – 100 Years of the Jewish Museum in Prague”, the Centre is expanding its operations to Brno.
The activities of the Education and Culture Centre in Brno will provide people from the Moravian region with information about Jewish history (from the earliest times up to the period of the Shoah), culture and traditions. Schools, special interest groups and members of the public will have the opportunity to become actively involved in educational and cultural programmes, meetings, workshops, lecture series and interactive exhibitions. The official opening of the Brno office The Centre also seeks to familiarize the public with monuments that document the history of the Jews and Jewish settlement in various regions of Moravia and Silesia. The Centre’s activities will not be limited to the Brno area, however, as it intends to gradually establish contacts with university, science and educational institutions in other towns across the Moravia and the Silesia.
The Education and Culture Centre in Brno occupies the raised ground floor office at Tøída Kpt. Jaroše 3. It has a flexible lecture hall which seats 30-80 people and is equipped with the necessary audio-visual facilities.
Regular information on the Centre’s programmes will be available in the monthly papers KAM v Brnì..., Roš Chodeš and Maskil.


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