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Annual Report 2004

1. Introduction
2. Profile of the Jewish Museum in Prague
3. 2005 attendance statistics
4. New exhibitions
5. Contacts and collaboration in the Czech Republic and abroad
6. Specialist and research work
7. Educational activities
8. Cultural activities
9. Publications and retail activities
10. Archives and documentation
11. Collections
12. Library
13. Computer network
14. Technical and construction projects
15. Prominent visits
16. Sponsors’ donations
17. Donations provided by the JMP
18. Awards
Attachments: information about economy JMP

1. Introduction


In 2004, the Jewish Museum in Prague (JMP) commemorated the tenth anniversary of the return of the buildings and collections of the former State Jewish Museum to the Bohemian and Moravian Jewish community and the reestablishment of the Jewish Museum in Prague as a non-state institution. This was also the year in which the JMP completed its last major repair and reconstruction project, with the establishment in the former Smíchov Synagogue of a modern central Jewish archive and depository of paintings and graphic art. The JMP also successfully developed all areas of its activities, details of which are shown in this report.

             After the decline in visitor numbers in 2002– 03 due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States and due to the flood in Prague in August 2002, there was a marked increase in 2004. The JMP attracted more than 637,000 visitors – almost 120,000 more than in 2003 – and enjoyed the best economic results in its history.

The JMP received two important awards in 2004 for its English catalogue, Textiles from Bohemian and Moravian Synagogues: the main prize in the Gloria Musealis competition for museums in the Czech Republic – in the category Museum Publications of 2003 – and the main award in The Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year competition for 2003 – in the specialist and scientific literature category.

In April 2004, the JMP contributed to the organization of the international conference The Future of Jewish Heritage in Europe, which was held in Prague by the European Association for Jewish Culture. In connection with this conference, the JMP prepared a tour of its exhibitions and depositories, including its new archive, and its activities were highly praised by conference participants.

In January 2004, the JMP joined nineteen Prague museums in a project entitled Icy Prague which provided children with free access to their exhibitions.

At the end of 2004, the JMP’s administrative board approved a project for the JMP to provide continual financial support for the preservation of the Jewish cultural heritage in the Czech Republic. This means that from 2005 onwards, the Jewish Museum in Prague, through the Czech Federation of the Jewish Communities and in accord with its main activities, will support the main cultural, educational, publication and religious activities of institutions associated with the Federation of Jewish Communities, contribute to the maintenance and technical appraisal of the assets of Jewish communities and support activities that promote Jewish solidarity in the Czech Republic and abroad. At the same time, the JMP will continue to take care of the Prague Jewish community’s historical buildings that it manages.

The year 2004 also provided an opportunity to take stock of the JMP’s first ten years as an independent institution. During this time its position has fundamentally improved and stabilized in all areas of its work. It has repaired and reconstructed all the buildings that is uses for its activities and has created the facilities for all necessary operations and development. With modern infrastructure and a highly professional team at its disposal, the JMP is capable of achieving all necessary tasks related to the care, research and presentation of its collections, to education, to all its museum activities as set down by law, and to the preservation of memorial sites and objects. The JMP is a fully functional, self-sufficient organization with an optimum regime for maximizing income from visitor services, a well-developed profit-generating system and highly economical operations. Consistently the most visited museum in the Czech Republic, it is also highly praised by experts in the Czech Republic and abroad, as eloquently shown by the comments it received on the tenth anniversary of its independent existence.

Towards the end of 2004, in connection with the crisis at the Prague Jewish Community, a media controversy broke out over the Jewish Community’s relations to the JMP. This prompted the Association of European Jewish Museums to send a letter to the JMP founders and the then Chairman of the Prague Jewish Community, Tomáš Jelínek, in which it expressed its dissatisfaction at the situation

In 2004, the JMP continued to carry out its main long-term development objectives in the following areas:


Administration of collections:


-          Maintain documentation in the prescribed manner and, in accordance with the Central Registration of Collections Act, carry out an annual inventory of at least 10% of its collections;

-          Gradually transfer data on basic registration sources to computer files (scanning and database processing of data from the German Catalogue, acquisition registers and printed exhibition materials);

-          Gradually transfer records on collection items to the Computer Catalogue;

-          Provide for the safe storage of collection items in depositories in accordance with general museum regulations on the protection of collections; develop the professional care of its collections by improving storage conditions and applying new findings;

-          Transfer pictorial data to its database;

-          Develop a project for the storage, restoration and re-registration of materials in the JMP’s Photo Archive; professionally evaluate possible database alternatives for this purpose;

-          Undertake a list, research and photo documentation of Judaica in other museum and gallery collections; 

-          Gradually digitize all its holdings;   

-          Create and supplement the electronic catalogue of the manuscripts collection in its database and in its library’s electronic catalogue;

-          Consolidate thematic units within the framework of its collections (transfer of related items from its other collections).


Restoration and conservation:


-          Prioritizing items that require immediate treatment or are selected as exhibits, continue with the cleaning, conservation and restoration of its collections, both in its metal, textile and paper restoration workshops and with the help of external specialists;

-          Continually monitor the climatic and lighting conditions in exhibitions and depositories; propose operative adjustment measures in accordance with ICOM norms;

-          Take continual care of documents relating to the Holocaust period, with special regard to the importance and state of the preserved materials;

-          Continue with the restoration and storage of the collections of manuscripts and early printed books with priority focus on the rarest items; 

-          Continue with the due care of tombstones in the Old Jewish Cemetery and at the cemetery in Fibichova Street by using modern technology selected on the basis of comprehensive restoration and natural science research;

-          Continually monitor the state of administered records and continue with their cleaning and restoration.




-          Systematically supplement its collections within their current profile through purchases and donations made via the Collection-Building Committee (comprising internal and external museum specialists);

-          Follow the domestic and international antiquities market; continually update insurance value of loan items;

-          Purchase key works of literature in strict accordance with the thematic focus of the JMP library in order to fill the acquisition gaps from the previous fifty years;

-          Acquire basic works of Judaistic literature for the Reference Centre;

-          For the requirements of the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre, acquire basic works of Judaistic literature and works on general history that are that deal in various ways with Jewish topics;

-          Acquire archival materials related to the Holocaust of Bohemian and Moravian Jews on the basis of consultations with the Archive Administration of the Czech Ministry of the Interior and through public appeals (such as the “Help Search for Neighbours who Disappeared” project).


Specialist and research activities:


-          Promote the function of the JMP as a specialized Judaistic institute;

-          For further research and study requirements, investigate little researched areas of history concerning the Holocaust of Bohemian and Moravian Jews and present the findings in exhibitions;

-          Within the context of conceptually-based thematic tasks, study the political, administrative, social, cultural and intellectual history of the Jews in the Czech lands in the 16th-19th centuries;

-          Undertake the systematic collection, and specialist evaluation of Hebrew epigraphic sources (inscriptions on collection items, tombstones and architectural monuments);

-          Carry out research into Hebrew book culture in the Czech lands on the basis of extant manuscripts and printed materials (scribe traditions, fragments in book bindings,  Hebrew printing, materials from genizot);

-          Provide for the systematic collection of data for the preparation of a comprehensive bibliography on the history of the Jews in the Czech lands; 

-          Establish cooperation with regional specialists with a view to gradually charting the history of Jewish settlement in what is now the Czech Republic;

-          On the basis of archival research, work on the history of the JMP from its establishment until the present;

-          Within the context of conceptually-based thematic tasks, systematically sort, classify and assess the individual components of the JMP’s collections;

-          Undertake a systematic collection of data and sources on Jewish artists, patrons and collectors in Czech visual arts, 1867-1939;

-          Develop cooperation with the largest possible number of specialist local and international institutions; participate in specialist conferences, seminars and symposia. 





-          Improve the physical care of  archival records by moving them to a modern depository; 

-          Gradually incorporate the administered archival collections into a national register;

-          Expand and streamline research services.






-          Develop the possibilities offered by the Aleph electronic library system; 

-          As background material for the assessment of possible restitution claims, continue to determine the original ownership of books kept in the JMP;

-          Gradually audit the JMP’s library collections in accordance with the Library Act;

-          Continue with the systematic retrospective cataloguing of Hebraica, periodicals and articles from selected Jewish journals;

-          Select, verify and register books for the Ministry of Culture’s Central Registration of Collections in accordance with set principles; 

-          Develop the care of its collections by improving book storage conditions, cleaning and restoring books with priority focus on damaged copies.


Services, consultations and information:


-          Through specialist background research, among other things, provide information and consultations regarding collections, archival holdings and Holocaust victims and history in accordance with the requirements of visitors, researchers and the media;

-          Gradually improve the quality of consultation services in the JMP’s Reference Centre and facilities;

-          Assess restitution claims pertaining to items in the JMP’s collections and, where appropriate, return them to the original owners or their heirs;

-          Within the framework of the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre:

Provide  information on Jewish institutions and on people who passed through the Terezín ghetto;

Keep an archive of video cassettes containing lectures delivered at the Centre, shoot television films and documentaries on Jewish issues; provide access to the video library, in particular for students and lecturers;

Provide loans of books, journals and CD-ROMs on Jewish topics, in particular to students and lecturers;

 Through the ORT computer room, provide services people interested in Jewish topics (references to relevant websites, software and educational programs) and organize computer courses.




-          Within the framework of the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre:

Develop and innovate lectures and projects for Czech schools and international visitors with emphasis on the interactive programmes Neighbours who Disappeared, Anne Frank and Workshop; find partners for these projects and programmes; 

Improve the communication system vis-à-vis the Czech Ministry of Education, educational centres and schools with a view to maximizing the number of school visits to the Centre’s specialized educational programmes;

Separately and in association with other institutions, organize seminars for teachers and for others focusing on Jewish traditions, history, the Holocaust and anti-Semitism;

Organize specialist  seminars for guides ending with tests and the granting of JMP guide licences;

-          Continually develop the lectures and popularising activities of specialist staff outside the JMP for schools, academic, special-interest, social and political organizations,  institutions and facilities with special focus on the needs of Jewish communities, organizations and associations;

-          Work closely with the media and with organizations dealing with issues related to the Holocaust, tolerance, human and civic rights.




-          Gradually replace collection items in the JMP’s permanent exhibitions;

-          Showcase exceptional items from the JMP’s collections as part of the “Object of the Month” feature in permanent exhibitions;

-          Hold 3–5 temporary exhibitions each year in the Robert Guttmann Gallery as part of the series: “Presentation of Little Known Parts of the JMP’s Collections”, “Persecution of Czech Jews during the Second World War” and “Jewish Presence in Contemporary Visual Arts”.

-          Loan the travelling exhibitions “Jewish Customs and Traditions”, “History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia” and “Long-lost Faces” in the Czech Republic; loan the following exhibitions abroad – “Karel Cudlín: Passageways” and  “Children’s Drawings from Terezín”;

-          Cooperate through loans and consultations with other organizations, particularly with Jewish communities, in setting up exhibitions on Jewish topics in regions across the Czech Republic; participate in exhibitions held by other organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad; 

-          Hold exhibitions of art and photography on Jewish topics by local artists at the Education and Culture Centre.





-          Within the framework of the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre:

Organize evening events on Judaism, Jewish art and Jewish history(lectures, concerts, exhibitions);

Conceive new lecture series;

-          Actively cooperate with other institutions and cultural figures in connection with the presentation of Jewish culture, both within and outside the JMP, with special regard to the needs of Jewish communities, organizations and associations; 




-          Within the framework of the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre, publish collections of lecture series and educational materials for pupils, students and teachers; 

-          Publish information leaflets about the JMP and multi-lingual guide books for permanent exhibitions;

-          Present JMP collections;

-          Publish leaflets/catalogues for temporary exhibitions in the Robert Guttmann Gallery;

-          Publish four newsletters each year;

-          Publish one volume of the Judaica Bohemiae journal each year;

-          Continually expand and update the electronic “Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities” on the JMP’s website;

-          Cooperate with other institutions in connection with the publication of books on Jewish topics.  




-          Provide ongoing information to the media on individual aspects of the JMP’s activities, and actively present Jewish topics with focus on the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, Jewish traditions and the symbiosis of Jewish and Czech culture;

-          Actively involve the JMP in thematically appropriate projects and events held by other organizations, and participate in trade fairs;

-          Actively cooperate with state authorities and organizations involved in tourism;

-          Produce promotional material and souvenirs, both separately and in association with other institutions;

-          Continually improve and update the JMP’s website.





-          Continually monitor and assess relevant grant offers in the Czech Republic and abroad, and apply for grants for all kinds of suitable JMP activities;

-          Seek and develop contracts with sponsors in the Czech Republic and abroad.



Technical and building work:


-          Provide permanent specialist care of the 14 properties rented by the JMP from the Prague Jewish Community for its activities; continually assess the technical state of these properties and prevent critical conditions;

-          Carry out repairs and maintenance with priority given to long-term repairs while respecting heritage conservation;

-          Carry out large-scale repairs and reconstructions; rebuild the former Smíchov Synagogue as an archive and depository with sufficient capacity for future development;

-          Develop activities for complying with the prescribed conditions in the JMP’s depositories and, in this way, protect the collection items stored here;

-          Gradually improve the operational-technical conditions of the buildings used by the JMP; apply new findings and introduce cost-effective technologies;

-          Systematically implement building-technical measures for functional and safe visitor operations in  JMP exhibitions with special regard to hygienic conditions and security; 

-          Harmonize architectural, exhibition and security concerns with the aim of highlighting the historical and sacred nature of the buildings that house the JMP’s permanent exhibitions; ensure that high intensity visitor operations do not detract from visitor satisfaction;

-          In collaboration with health specialists, gradually improve work conditions in all work areas.


Computer networks:


-          Develop IT with regard to growing security risks (security updates on user stations and server solutions);

-          Modernize IT structure and active components in accordance with the specific tasks of JMP workplaces, continually expand access to information, and utilize external and internal information sources for JMP staff and visitors;

-          Integrate services in IT with regard to professionalization and optimalization;

-          Integrate IT systems in accordance with new technologies and trends;  

-          Devote special attention to the ORT computer room in the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre. 




-          Continually modernize the Integrated Security System in order to fully utilize its possibilities and to assess current requirements;

-          Work closely with state authorities and Jewish institutions while increasing safety for visitors and JMP staff and protecting the properties it administers.  


Greenery care:


-          Undertake work in compliance with the “Proposal for cultivation measures and planting of trees in selected cemeteries owned by the Prague Jewish Community” as part of the “Greenery preservation programme for the urban environment (health and safety pruning, planting, maintenance).


Management and employment:


-          Act as a modern museum, archive, educational and Judaistic institution of international importance while preserving the memory of Czech Jews, combating anti-Semitism, highlighting the uniqueness of Jewish culture and its connection with Czech culture, and contributing to the care of the Jewish cultural heritage in Bohemia and Moravia;

-          Take out suitable insurance cover to manage all relevant risks;

-          Follow all statutory and internal regulations related to the running of the JMP, undertake internal checks, and see to the cost-effective and professional running of the JMP in accordance with its founding agreement, statutes and resolutions of the administrative and supervisory boards;

-          Further stabilize the number of specialist staff, create optimal working conditions and provide for qualification enhancement.


The following text provides detailed information on the above framework objectives for long-term development in 2004.

* * *

On 31 December 2004, the JMP had records of 151 employees (full and part-time). In the course of the year, the JMP employed the services of 130 people on a specific contractual basis. They all deserve our praise and thanks.



2. General information on the Jewish Museum in Prague (JMP)

a) Properties managed by the JMP


-          Office complex, U Staré školy 1, 3, Prague 1: Museum administration, specialist workplaces, depositories, Library, Reference Centre, café, Robert Guttmann Gallery

-          Maisel Synagogue: in the main nave, the permanent exhibition The History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia – I. From the First Settlements until Emancipation. 145 originals and facsimiles on display

-          Pinkas Synagogue: in the main nave, the Memorial to the Victims of the Nazi Genocide of Bohemian and Moravian Jews; in the gallery, the permanent exhibition Children’s Drawings from Terezín. 238 originals and facsimiles on display.

-          Klausen Synagogue: in the main nave, the permanent exhibition Jewish Customs and Traditions – I. The Synagogue and Festivals; in the gallery, the permanent exhibition Jewish Customs and Traditions – II. The Course of Life. 474 originals and facsimiles on display. The JMP Reservation Centre is also located on the premises. 

-          Ceremonial Hall: Continuation of the permanent exhibition Jewish Customs and Traditions – II. The Course of Life. 140 originals and facsimiles on display

-          Spanish Synagogue: in the main nave and gallery, the exhibition The History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia – II. From Emancipation to the Present. 535 originals and facsimiles on display; Winter Prayer Hall: permanent exhibition Synagogue Silver from Bohemia and Moravia. 193 objects on display

-          Former synagogue in Smíchov (dating from the 1930s): depository for the JMP’s art collection and work areas for the JMP’ archive

-          Robert Guttmann Gallery: exhibition venue for temporary shows

-          Education and Culture Centre of the JMP, Maiselova 15, Prague 1

-          Old Jewish Cemetery (dating from the 15th-18th century)

-          Jewish Cemetery in Fibichova Street, Žižkov (dating from the 17th-18th century)

-          Main textile depository, housed in a 19th century rural synagogue

-          Synagogue in Brandýs nad Labem (dating from the 19th century) – future storage area for part of the JMP Library


b) Services provided by the JMP


-          Tours of the 15th-18th century Old Jewish Cemetery, the 17th-18th century Jewish Cemetery in Žižkov, and five permanent exhibitions in historic buildings

-          Tours of temporary exhibitions in the Robert Guttmann Gallery

-          Special lectures and tours organized by the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre

-          Seminars on Jewish themes

-          Cultural programmes on Jewish themes at the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre

-          Access to basic Judaic literature and special software in the Reference Centre

-          Further training of educational staff via the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre

-          Use of ORT computer room facilities with focus on Jewish topics; access to the Internet and special software

-          Specialized library services for professionals and the general public

-          Consultation for professionals and the general public on issues related to the history of Bohemian and Moravian Jews

-          Consultation for professionals and the general public on issues related to the persecution of Bohemian and Moravian Jews during the Second World War

-          Provision of historical illustrated materials for reproduction

-          Own publications and publicity material

-          Advanced booking via the JMP Reservation Centre

-          Guided visits

-          Audio-guides (in association with Gallery Service, s.r.o.)




3. Attendance figures in 2004



Total Number of Visitors






  19 326

  14 831

    4 495


  25 505

  16 511

    8 994


  59 110

  25 109

  34 001


  66 519

  39 122

  27 397


  63 223

  46 655

  16 568


  56 830

  42 053

  14 777


  66 171

  47 488

  18 683


  85 925

  66 347

  19 578


  60 495

  44 631

  15 864 


  58 501

  43 835

  14 666


  37 685

  27 065

  10 620


  37 976

  28 314

    9 662


637 266

441 961

195 305



4. Overview of newly opened exhibitions

a) Permanent exhibitions


In July, the JMP began featuring separate, unique items from its collections in monthly presentations.


b) Temporary exhibitions


Long-lost Faces – Recollections of Holocaust Victims in Documents and Photographs, 16 October 2003 – 4 February 2004 (curators Jana Šplíchalová and Anita Franková )

Emil Orlik (1870–1932) – Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries,  13 February – 11 April 2004 (curator Arno Pařík)

Karel Cudlín: Passageways, 22 April – 6 June 2004 (curator Michaela Hájková). Accompanying programmes prepared by the JMP: Lider fun dor tzu dor – Songs from Generation to Generation (Kateryna Tlustá-Kolcová), Loners, Tradition and Joy (Pavel Klusák), New Works from the Contemporary Literary Scene of Prague (Vít Kremlička, Joshua Cohen, Róbert Gál )

-          Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague, 23 June – 22 July 2004 (curator Dana Veselská)

-          Mel Alexenberg: Cyberangels – Aesthetic Peace Plan for the Middle East, 12 August – 26 September 2004 (curator M. Hájková)

-          Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law, 14 October 2004 – 9 January 2005 (curator A. Pařík).


c) JMP exhibitions outside Prague, involvement in exhibitions organized by other institutions (loans and consultation)


I. Czech Republic

-          Permanent exhibition in the Úštěk Synagogue – provision of replicas of several items

District Museum of Local History, Šumperk – travelling exhibitions of the JMP, Jewish Customs and Traditions and History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia, 12 February – 4 April 2004 (curator A. Pařík)

Antonín Marek City Library, Turnov – travelling exhibitions of the JMP, Jewish Customs and Traditions and History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia, 6 October – 8 November 2004 (curator A. Pařík)

 Regional Museum, Louny – travelling exhibition of the JMP, Jewish Customs and Traditions, 15 November 2004 – 16 January 2005 (curator A. Pařík)

-          Masaryk Elementary School, Brno – travelling exhibition of the JMP, Long-lost Faces – Recollections of Holocaust Victims in Documents and Photographs, 8 March – 2 April 2004 (curator J. Šplíchalová)

Děčín Synagogue – travelling exhibition of the JMP, Long-lost Faces – Recollections of Holocaust Victims in Documents and Photographs, 2 September – 31 October 2004 (curator J. Šplíchalová)

-          Teplice High School – travelling exhibition of the JMP, Long-lost Faces – Recollections of Holocaust Victims in Documents and Photographs, 18 November 200č – 15 January 2005 (curator J. Šplíchalová)

-          Masaryk Elementary School, Brno: travelling exhibition of the JMP, Long-lost Faces – Recollections of Holocaust Victims in Documents and Photographs, 8 – 26 March 2004 (curator J. Šplíchalová)

-        Regional Museum and Gallery, Museum of Play, Jičín – loan of 8 silver items for the exhibition, Karl Kraus in Jičín and Jičín in Karel Kraus

-        Loan of three-dimensional items for the exhibition Jewish Sport in Czechoslovakia in Děčín Synagogue, 28 June – 2 November 2004 (curator A. Pařík in cooperation with the Collections Department)

-          Higher Technical School of Graphic Art, Prague and Graphic Art School Secondary Industrial School of Graphic Art, Prague – loan of 9 metal items (restored by students as part of their specialised practice for assessment in school-leaving examinations)

-        Municipal House, Prague – loan of 24 works by Karel Fleischmann for the exhibition The Avant-Garde across Media: Josef Bartuška and the Linie Group, 1931 – 1939, 25 August – 7 November 2004

-        Valašsko Regional Museum, Vsetín – loan of 22 collection items for the temporary exhibition Treasures of the Valašské Meziříčí Synagogue

-        Moravská Třebová Cultural Services – Municipal Museum – loan of a refurbished Torah scroll for the permanent exhibition Moravská Třebová in the 17th – 20th Centuries

-        Mohelnice Synagogue Foundation – loan of refurbished scroll for the exhibition Memories of Jewish Families from the Loštice Area in the Museum of Kroměříž

-        Museum of Beskydy Region, Frýdek-Místek – loan of 15 collection items for the temporary exhibition Our Vanished Jewish Neighbours

-        Regional Museum, Louny – loan of 25 collection items for the temporary exhibition of the JMP Jewish Customs and Traditions

Děčín Synagogue – History of the Jews in the Děčín Region – enlargement of last year’s exhibition to include material on the history of the Jews in the region (curator A. Pařík)

-          Loštice, Respect and Tolerance project, exhibition Memories of Jewish Families from the Loštice Area, which opened on 24 June 2004; literature searches, cooperation in the preparation of material for the exhibition (A. Franková)

-          Langhans Gallery, Prague, cooperation for the exhibition Henryk Ross: Łódź Ghetto Album, 15 December 2004 – 19 February 2005 (A. Franková, P. Kořínková)

-          Jews in the Resistance (Jewish Community in Prague, National Museum, Prague, Military History Institute, Prague, Jewish Museum of Bratislava, Museum of the Slovak National Uprising, Banská Bystrica) – cooperation in the preparation of the exhibition (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová)

-          Strančice Municipal Authority: exhibition on the victims of the Holocaust from Strančice, 20 July – 4 August 2004. Cooperation, provision of copies of photographs and documents (J. Šplíchalová, K. Svobodová) and copies of children’s drawings from Terezín (M. Hájková)


II. Abroad

-        The Jewish Museum, London, UK – loan of 20 original children’s drawings from Terezín, 6 Holocaust-related objects and 2 archival records for the exhibition I Never Saw Another Butterfly – Children’s Art from Theresienstadt, 25 March – 20 June 2004 (in cooperation with the Terezín Memorial which, through the JMP, loaned 5 replica toys; curators Jennifer Marin and Michaela Hájková)

-        The Jewish Museum, New York, USA – loan of 16 works by F. Dicker-Brandeis and 42 original children’s drawings from Terezín for the exhibition Innovator, Activist, Healer: The Art of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, 10 September 2004 – 16 January 2005

-        Cité de la musique – Musée de la musique, Paris, Francie – loan of 5 works by Terezín painters for the exhibition Le IIIe Reich et la musique, 8 October 2004 – 9 January 2005

-        Embassy of the Czech Republic in Zagreb, Croatia – loan of 25 large-scale digital prints of photographs from the exhibition Karel CudlínPassageways, 17 October 2004 – 31 January 2005

-        Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer, Germany – loan of a cover and curtain for the exhibition, Europas Juden im Mittelalter, 19 November 2004 – 20 March 2005 (loan also for the Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin, Germany)

-        United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC, USA – replacement of a loan of 15 original children’s drawings from Terezín for a temporary show as part of the museum’s permanent exhibition

-        Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, USA – loan for the exhibition Friedl Dicker Brandeis (Vienna, 1898 – Auschwitz, 1944), 1 March 2003 – 31 August 2004




5. Cooperation in the Czech Republic and abroad 


The JMP worked with 192 local foreign and 101 international political, administrative, cultural, academic and educational institutions:


I. Czech Republic

Adolf Kašpar Memorial, Loštice

Agency FCT s.r.o

Archive of the National Museum, Prague

Arma Bohemiae, history association

Association of Former Inmates of the Schwarzheide Concentration Camp, Prague

Association of Museums and Galleries in the Czech Republic

Bashevi Association, Jičín

Beit Praha

Beroun Municipal Authority

Brno City Archives

Brno City House of Art

Brno City Museum

Bruntál Museum

Central Military Archive, Prague

Centre for Ecumenical Encounters and Dialogue, Olomouc

Černovice Memorial Civic Association

Česká Palička Civic Association, Prague

Český Kras Museum, Beroun

Český Ráj Museum, Turnov

Charles University, Faculty of Humanities

Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Czech Literature and Literary Science

Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Auxillary Historical Sciences and Archive Studies

Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Art History

Charles University, Hussite Theological Faculty

Charles University, Catholic Theological Faculty

Cheb Gallery of Fine Art

Cheb Museum, Cheb

Children and Youth Institute, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Prague

Comenius Museum, Přerov

Comenius Museum, Uherský Brod

Commission for the Registration of Manuscripts of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Czech League of Freedom Fighters, Prague

Cyrany Gallery, Heřmanův Městec

Czech Association of Ex-libris Collectors

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Engineering

District Museum of Local History in Česká Lípa

District Museum of Mělník

District Museum of Most

District Museum of Náchod

District Museum of Orlické hory, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

District Museum of Prague–East, Brandýs nad Labem

District Museum of Příbram

District Museum of Tachov

Dobruška Municipal Museum

Dr. A. Hrdlička Museum, Humpolec

Dr. Simon Adler Museum, Dobrá Voda nr. Hartmanice

Embassy of the Argentine Republic, Prague, Czech Republic

Embassy of the State of Israel, Prague, Czech Republic

Embassy of the USA, Prague, Czech Republic

Ethnographic Society of the Czech Republic

Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic

Foundation for Holocaust Victims, Prague

Fra Publishing House, Prague

Franz Kafka Society

Gallery of East Bohemia, Pardubice

Gideon Klein Foundation

Hans Krása Foundation, Terezín

Hazkara Civic Association, Ústí nad Labem

Heřmanův Městec Municipal Authority

Hidden Child Foundation of the Jewish Community in Prague

Higher Technical School of Graphic Art

Holešov Municipal Cultural Centre


Institute for Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Institute for Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences – Centre for the Documentation of Property Transfers of Cultural Assets of World War II Victims

Institute for Czech Literature, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

Institute of Folk Culture, Strážnice

Institute of Military History, Prague

Institute of Restoration and Conservation Techniques, Litomyšl

Institute of the Terezín initiative, Prague

Jemnice Museum

Jewish Community of Brno

Jewish Community of Děčín

Jewish Community of Karlovy Vary

Jewish Community of Liberec

Jewish Community of Olomouc

Jewish Community of Ostrava

Jewish Community of Plzeň

Jewish Community of Prague

Jewish Community of Teplice

Jewish Community of Ústí nad Labem

Jičín Municipal Authority

Jičín Regional Museum and Gallery

Krnov Synagogue Civic Association

Kroměříž Museum

Kynšperk nad Ohří Friends Club

Liberec Technical University

Lidová Universita (cultural and educational centre of the Prague City Library)

Lukavec Municipal Authority

Masaryk Museum, Hodonín

Matana a.s., Prague

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Department for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Museums and Galleries

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Ministry of the Interior Archives, Prague

McCann Erickson Prague, advertising agency

Mohelnice Municipal Museum

Mohelnice Synagogue Foundation

Moravian Gallery, Brno

Moravian Provincial Archive, Brno

Moravian Prvovincial Museum, Brno

Moravian Provincial Museum, Brno – Ethnographic Institute

Moravská Třebová Cultural Services – Municipal Museum

Mudroněk Municipal Museum of Local History, Říčany nr. Prague

Municipal House, Prague

Municipal Museum and Gallery, Břeclav

Museum of Beskydy Region, Frýdek-Místek

Museum of Boskovice Region, Boskovice

Museum of Central Bohemia in Roztoky

Museum of Czech Literature, Prague

Museum of East Bohemia, Pardubice

Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague

Museum of Local History, Olomouc

Museum of North Bohemia, Liberec

Museum of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

Museum of Těšín Region, Český Těšín

Museum of West Bohemia, Pilsen

Museum of West Moravia, Třebíč

NAGA Advertising Agency, Prague

National Film archive in Prague

National Gallery in Prague

National Gallery in Prague, Collection of Graphic Art, Kinsky Palace

National Gallery in Prague, Collection of Czech 19th Century Painting, Trade-Fair Palace

National Gallery in Prague, Collection of Drawings, Kinský Palace, 

-          National Library of the Czech Republic

National Museum, Prague

National Heritage Institute

-          National Heritage Institute, specialized workplace in Prague

-          National Heritage Institute, specialized workplace in Pilsen

-          National Heritage Institute, specialized workplace in Ústí nad Labem

New York University, Prague

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees – Czech Section, Prague

Palacky University, Olomouc, Faculty of Education

Podbořany Municipal Authority 

Podještědí Museum of Karolína Světlá, Český Dub

Polabí Museum in Poděbrady, Regional Museum of Nymburk Section

Polná Museum

Postal Museum, Prague

Prague Assay Office

Prague Castle Administration

Prague City Archives

Prague City Gallery

Prague City Library

Prague City Museum

Prague Multicultural Centre

Provincial Museum of Silesia, Opava

Red Cross Rescue Service, Prague

Regional Gallery of Fine Art, Liberec

Regional Museum of Louny

-          Regional Museum of K. A. Polánek, Žatec

Regional Museum of Kolín

Regional Museum of Mikulov

Regional Museum of Teplice

Regional Museum of Vysočina, Jihlava, Polná Section

Road and Railway Museum, Velké Meziříčí

Šalom Civic Association, Bečov nad Teplou

School of Chemical Technology, Prague

Secondary Industrial School of Applied Art and Higher Technical School in Turnov

State Central Archive, Prague

State District Archive, Česká Lípa

State District Archive, Cheb

State District Archive, Jičín

State District Archive, Kroměříž

State District Archive, Opava

State District Archive, Přerov

State District Archive, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

State District Archive, Semily

State District Archive, Svitavy, Litomyšl

State District Archive, Tábor

State District Archive, Tachov

State Institute for the Care of Historic Monuments, Pilsen

State Regional Archive, Litoměřice

State Regional Archive, Prague

Stránčice Municipal Authority

Terezín Memorial

Museum of Těšín Region, Český Těšín

Tovačov Chateau Museum

Třebíč Municipal Authority

Třebíč Municipal Cultural Centre

Třešť Museum

Triáda Publishing House

Turnov Municipal Authority

University of East Bohemia, Hradec Králové

University of Silesia, Opava, Department of Museology

University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

Úštěk Synagogue Civic Association

Valašsko Regional Museum, Vsetín

Vamberk Lace Museum

Walachian Open-Air Museum, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Žamberk Municipal Museum 

Zapomenutí Civic Association, Prague



II. Abroad

Aktion Sühnezeichen, Germany

American Friends of the Czech Republic, Washington, DC, USA

American Joint Distribution Committee, USA

Anne Frank Centre, Berlin, Germany

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

Beit Theresienstadt, Israel

Ben Ury Gallery, London, UK

Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Germany

Bundesarchiv, Berlin, Germany

Bundesarchiv, Koblenz Section, Germany

Bundesarchiv, Ludwigsburg Section, Germany

Cape Town Holocaust Centre, Captown, South Africa

Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity, Los Angeles, USA

Central and Eastern European Online Library, Frankfurt, Germany

Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem, Israel

Centropa – the Central Europe Center for Research and Documentation, Vienna, Austria

Cité de la musique – Musée de la musique, Paris, France

College of Judea and Samaria, Ariel, Israel

Cultural Committee of the Jewish Community, Stockholm, Sweden

Czech and Slovak Jewish Communities Archive, New York, USA

Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

Dokumentačné centrum českej kultúry (Documentary Centre for Czech Culture), Martin, Slovak Republic

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes, Vienna, Austria

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Zagreb, Croatia

European Association for Jewish Culture, London, UK

Galeria Badrov, Zagreb, Croatia

Gedenkstätte Bergen – Belsen, Germany

General Consulate of the Czech Republic, Capetown, South Africa

Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, Germany

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer, Germany

Historisches Museum Saar, Saarbrücken, Germany

Hitachdut Yotzei Czechoslovakia in Israel, Israel 

Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Heidelberg, Germany

Holocaust Museum and Learning Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Imperial War Museum, London, UK

Institut für Buchrestaurierung, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany

Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden,  Hamburg, Germany

Institut für Geschichte der Juden in Österreich, St. Pölten, Austria

Institut für Kulturgeschichte der Textilien, Universität Dortmund, Germany

Institut für Zeitgeschichte der Universität, Vienna, Austria

Institute of Jewish Studies, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel

International Council of Museums, Paris, France

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Israel Postal Authority, Philatelic Service, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel

Jewish Heritage Council, New York, USA

Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, Poland

Jewish Museum London, UK

Jewish Museum New York, USA

Jewish National and University Library, Department of Restoration and Conservation, Jerusalem, Israel

Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, USA

Jüdisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

Jüdisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

Keene State College, USA

Konzertvereinigung “Johan Messchaert”, Hoorn, Netherlands

Landeshauptarchiv Rheinland-Pfalz, Koblenz, Germany

Lycée Daudet Nîmes, France

Mahon Jerushalayim, Jerusalem, Israel

Metropolitan Museum New York, USA

Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum, Miyazaki, Japan

Münchener Stadtmuseum, München, Germany

Musée d´Art et d´Histoire du Judaïsme, Paris, France

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France

Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria

Museum of Art, Ehime, Japan

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo, Japan

Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York, USA

Museum Ostdeutsche Gallery, Regensburg, Germany

Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art, Okayama, Japan

Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France

Państwowe Muzeum w Ośwęcimiu, Poland

Photoarchiv der KZ–Gedenkstätte Mauthausen, Vienna, Austria

Polski Institute Historyczny, Warszawa, Poland

Project Judaica Foundation Inc., Washington, DC, USA

Saitama Hall, Saitama, Japan

Shalem Center, Jerusalem, Israel

Simon Wiesenthal Center – Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles, USA

Skirball Cultural Center Los Angeles, USA

Společnost pro vědy a umění / Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Rockville, USA

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Germany 

Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg, Germany

Stiftung Neue Synagoge – Centre Judaicum, Berlin, Germany

Stiftung Topographie des Terrors Berlin, Germany

Synagogue Art Research, (B. and R. Dorfman) Jerusalem, Israel

Štátny archív v Košiciach (State Archive in Košice), Slovak Republic

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center, Japan

Torah Scroll Centre, London, UK

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC, USA

Universite “Justus Liebig”, Giessen, Germany

University of Missouri, UA

University of San Francisco, USA

University of Sydney, Australia

Virginia Holocaust Museum, Richmond, VA, USA

Vlastivedné múzeum Prešov (Prešov Museum of Local History), Slovak Republic

Východoslovenské múzeum v Košiciach (Museum of East Slovakia in Košice), Slovak Republic

Wexner Foundation, USA

William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, Atlanta, USA

Yad Vashem, Israel



6. Specialist activities and research


a) Preparation of new exhibitions

Preparatory work for the exhibition Transports from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1942 to the East – study of archive documents, photograph searches (J. Šplíchalová)




b) Material for local and foreign institutions and researchers


-          Cooperation with genealogists and local historians – preparation of literature searches and provision of consultation (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová V. Hamáčková, A. Putík)

Provision of a list of victims from Loštice, Mohelnice and Úsov, preparation of literature searches for the project Respect and Tolerance – Documentation of Jewish Culture and History, cooperation for an exhibition (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová, M. Hamáčková)

Background material, consultation, literature searches, provision of photographs for an exhibition on victims from the community of Strančice (J. Šplíchalová, K. Svobodová)

-          Investigation into the fate of Jews from Bechyně – Jiřina Trčková (A. Franková)

-          Information about Terezín House L410 provided for Hannelore Wonschick for the exhibition Die Mädchen von Zimmer 28 (A. Franková)

-          Document search for Anna Hájková from the Institute of the Terezín Initiative for a paper for Terezínské studie a dokumenty 2004 [Terezín Studies and Documents]  (P. Kořínková)

-          Consultation and provision of copies from the diary of Miloš Salus for a lecture by Dr. Blanka Soukopová from the Faculty of Humanities (A. Franková)

-          Investigation into the fate of the Jews of Řevnice for Josef Beneš (A. Franková)

-          Preparation of background material, preparation of literature searches, searches for and photocopying of relevant archival records for the Memorial to Holocaust Victims in Říčany (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová)

-          Provision of Terezín Film photographs for the National Film Archive (research by Dr. Eva Strusková on Irena Dodalová and Ire-Film (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Consultation and literature searches for the dissertation of Marta Novotná (Holocaust Victims Foundation) Religious Life in Terezín (A. Franková, K. Svobodová)

-          Consultation and literature searches for artist Jiří Sozanský (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Facilitation of research into the Terezín Collection for researcher Chris Johnson, provision of background material, loan of archival records for the London exhibition I Never Saw Another Butterfly – Children’s Art from Theresienstadt (A. Franková, K. Svobodová)

-          Drawing up of lists of victims from the communities of Bendovo Záhoří, Bystřice, Čechtice, Chmelná, Chotoviny, Jistebnice, Kamberk, Křivsoudov, Louňovice pod Blaníkem Miličín, Mladá Vožice, Načeradec, Nadějkov, Neustupov, Pravonín, Sedlec-Prčice, Chotěbuz, Votice for Blanku Rozkošnou, Matana a.s. (A. Franková)

-          Literature and document searches for Petr Demetz’s publication on the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (K. Svobodová)

-          Preparation of archival records, related lecture, searches in the Holocaust Victims Database for Deborah Lipstadt and executives a group of managers from the Wexner Foundation, 16 April 2005 (K. Svobodová)

-          Osudy židovských rodin z Opočna [The Fate of Jewish Families from Opočno] – commemorative publication written by Irena Šafaříková – information on sources, lists of victims, consultation (A. Franková)

-          Data corrections in the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly in accordance with the Institute of the Terezín Initiative database (A. Franková)

-          Literature searches for Naděžda Haščáková, Technical University, Liberec – written record from a congress for the construction of concentration camps (A. Franková)

-          Information for the synagogue in Český Tešín (A. Franková)

-          Information on Jaroslav Král for the Terezín Memorial (A. Franková)

-          Consultation, literature searches, retrieval of 450 names in the Holocaust Victims Database for the Martha Sharp project directed by Lawrence Benaquist, Keene State College, USA (Holocaust Department)

-          Provision of copies of the magazine Klepy [Gossip] for Canadian writer Kathy Kacer and her new book The Underground Reporters (K. Svobodová)

-          Consultation, preparation of literature searches, preparation of archival materials for a dissertation on Gideon Klein by Aurélie Branger, University of Paris

-          Consultation, provision of archival materials for Workbooks for the JMP’s Education and Culture Centre workshop – project The Holocaust in Documents (A. Franková)

-          Literature searches on Maly Trostinec for Ladislava Chateau for a publication under preparation (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Provision of photographs of the liberation of Terezín for a documentary film – student project for a history competition about the liberation of concentration camps – Martina Černá, Nîmes High School, France (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Photograph search for Stephan Matyus, Photoarchive of KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen (J. Šplíchalová, A. Franková)

-          Searches through the photographic collection of Holocaust Survivors for Kateřina Čapková, Institute of the Terezín Initiative, on the topic of Jews during the First Republic (P. Kořínková)

-          Consultation on archival materials of the Perecution Documentation collection for Jack M. Nowakowky, Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA (A. Franková, K. Svobodová)

-          Material and literature searches, provision of copies of photographs to Gary Friedman Productions at the Seymour Theatre, University of Sydney, documentary film about Hanuš Hachenburg (K. Svobodová)

-          Material searches for the exhibition Musikleben in Terezin and for concert performances of works by Viktor Ullmann in Holland – Konzertvereinigung “Johan Messchaert”

-          Consultation, material searches on the topic of Egon Ledeč for G. Flatow – Hans Krása Foundation (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Background material on victims from Pardubice for a publication by Dr. Dosoudil (A. Franková)


c) Research activities


I. Department of Jewish Studies

Research topics:

Judaica in the Archives of the Czech Republic – Archive of the Ministry of the Interior, State Central Archive in Prague, Moravian Provincial Archive in Brno, State District Archive in Tachov, State District Archive in Semily (V. Hamáčková, D. Polakovič, A. Putík)

Epigraphy – specialist documentation of inscriptions on tombstones and in synagogues (V. Hamáčková, D. Polakovič)

Epigraphy – specialist documentation of dedicatory inscriptions on textiles in the collections of the JMP (I. Cermanová)

Social and political history of the Prague Jewish Community in the 17th and 18th centuries (A. Putík)

The Sabbatanian movement in Bohemia (A. Putík)

Genealogy of selected Jewish families from Prague, testing of a genealogical programme  (A. Putík)

Demography of the Jewish population of Bohemia and Moravia, archive research (J. Fiedler)

Jewish historiography in Bohemia and Moravia (I. Cermanová)

Censorship of Hebrew books in the Czech lands (I. Cermanová)

Bibliography and reference aids for the history of Jews in the Czech lands – setting up of  a comprehensive bibliographic database with records from the earliest times until 1918 (D. Polakovič)

Fragments of medieval Hebrew manuscripts in the collections of archives, libraries and museums in the Czech Republic (O. Sixtová, D. Polakovič)

Jewish literature, manuscripts and printed books in Bohemia and Moravia (O. Sixtová, D. Polakovič)

Genizah as a source for the history of Jewish communities in Bohemia and Moravia (O. Sixtová)


II. Collections Department

Research topics:

History of the Jewish Museum in Prague, 1906–2006 (M. Veselská)

Josef Polák (1886-1945) (M. Veselská)

-        Research work for a two-year Ministry of Culture grant project – Ascertaining of available data and specialist documentation of a group of Torah scrolls and binders from the collection of the former State Jewish Museum, sold in 1964 by the foreign trade company Artia and located in the Czech Memorial Scrolls Centre at Westminster Synagogue, London. Undertaking of planned archival literature searches and preparation of a complete database of all the Torah scrolls included in the German Catlaogue was prepared (D. Veselská)

-        Completion of a one-year Ministry of Culture grant project – Preparation of an exhibition and catalogue of synagogue textiles adorned with bobbin laces from the collection of the Jewish Museum in Prague on the occasion of the 11th Congress of the International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation (OIDFA) in July 2004 in Prague. Preparation of a 116-page biligual Czech-English catalogue, an exhibition in the Robert Guttmann Gallery and a paper for the congress (D. Veselská)

-        Jewish Presence in Contemporary Visual Art. Research project to chart the relation between contemporary visual culture and Jewish culture; specific exhibitions at the Robert Guttmann Gallery: Karel Cudlín: Passageways and Mel Alexenberg: Cyberangels – Aesthetic Peace Plan for the Middle East. (M. Hájková)

-        Jewish artists, art patrons and collectors in Czech visual arts, 1867–1939. (M. Hájková)

-        Ascertaining authorship of silver artefacts from the JMP’s collections (ongoing project, in connection with preparations for exhibitions and a catalogue of silver artefacts) (J. Kuntoš)


III. Holocaust Department

Research topics:

-          History of the Holocaust of Bohemian and Moravian Jews. Study of specialist literature and archive sources for consultations, literature searches, lectures and publications (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová)

-          Study of archival documents and literature related to transports to ghettoes, concentration and labour camps in the Baltic States, Belorus and Eastern Poland  (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Children’s artworks in Terezín (K. Svobodová)


IV. Library

Research topics:

-          Provenance of the JMP book collection. Addition of biographical and topographical information to the database in connection with a retrospective inspection of the collection with the aim of ascertaining original ownership (M. Bušek)



7. Educational activities


a) The Education and Culture Centre (ECC) of the JMP


I. Educational programmes for Czech schools (elementary and high schools, universities, in-service education for teachers, lectures)

The Centre continued its themed lectures held in connection with a tour of the JMP’s permanent exhibitions, a presentation of specific items and historical evidence relating to the Jewish past, and film screenings. Its programme for school pupils and university students includes seven basic lectures:

Jewish religion, culture, traditions and art; the earliest history of the Jews

History of the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia

Important Jewish figures in art and science in the context of Czech culture

Contemporary Israel

History of anti-Semitism, persecution, Shoah, racism and xenophobia

Persecution of the Jews during World War II

-          About the rescuers and the rescued – personal narratives accompanied by film screenings.

-          6,547 people took part in the Centre’s Prague-based programmes, 369 in programmes outside Prague. The Workshop I art and drama project (see point V) involved the participation of 1,774 school children.


II. Educational programmes for foreign visitors (students, teachers, tourists)

-          802 visitors from Germany, USA, Belgium, Switzerland and France took part in educational programmes at the Centre.


III.    Retraining courses for tour guides

-          Retraining courses were attended by 72 tour guides.


IV. Seminars

-          Two three-day seminars on How to Teach about the Holocaust, were held in association with Terezín Memorial and attended by 108 teachers.

-          A series of educational seminars (launched in 2001) for teachers on Jewish History, Traditions and Culture and Education for Tolerance continued. It was held in association with pedagogical centres (Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Karlovy Vary and the Service Centre for Schools in Most) and Jewish communities outside Prague (Děčín) and was attended by 80 teachers.

-       A seminar for teachers and students on Jewish traditions and the Holocaust in education was held in cooperation with the Education Faculty, Palacký University, Olomouc.

-        The Centre presented interactive programmes as part of the Workshop project (launched in 2004) for the international seminar Holocaust in education, which was held in November 2004 at the Terezín Memorial.


V.      Projects

-          Work on the Neighbours Who Disappeared project continued. This project for elementary and high school pupils focuses on compiling testimonies from Holocaust Survivors. It involves (among other things) preparing a history of Jewish settlement in a particular region and drawing up a report on the condition of local Jewish monuments. The project is co-ordinated and promoted by the ECC, which prepares the results for publication and, in cooperation with other groups, for film-based stories. In 2004, another four exhibition panels with information on the results of the project were translated into English and prepared for production. The Centre printed basic material about the methodology behind the project (especially for teachers, but also for pupils and students) and published an exhibition catalogue, a leaflet about the Classmates project of the Mikulášské Náměstí High School in Pilsen and a collection of papers by the Commercial Academy in Chotěboř. The exhibition was on display at 16 different venues. A PowerPoint presentation was put on CD-ROM for a seminar and continually updated, serving as a source of inspiration for schools to become involved in the project. Participants of the project also presented their work at an international seminar in association with the Nine Gates Festival as part of the Visegrad Meeting (Poland, Slovakia and Hungary) at which they were given certificates signed by historian Deborah Lipstadt, writer Arnošt Lustig and JMP director Leo Pavlát. The Pilsen group of students presented their Classmates project as part of an international conference for teachers at the Terezín Memorial. As part of the project, relations were established with a group of French students from the Lycée Daudet in Nîmes, who visited the JMP and met with those involved in the Classmates project.

-          The travelling exhibitions Anne Frank – Legacy for the Present and A Children’s Story – Children’s Drawings from the Terezín Ghetto continued. These exhibitions, which are co-held by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the JMP, were held at three venues in the Czech Republic and were seen by 140 groups of school children.

-          The Workshop art and drama project (launched in 2000) continued. Focusing on Jewish festivals, traditions and customs, biblical stories, Jewish history (with emphasis on the Holocaust period) and culture, this project offers the following topics to children from all types of schools:

-          Jewish Traditions and Customs (Pesach, Sabbath, Hanukkah, Purim)

-          Researcher in the field of Judaism

-          The Hebrew Alphabet

-          Noah’s Ark

-          Art in Extreme Situations

-          Aryeh, Your Guide to the Jewish Town

-          The Ghetto that Disappeared

-          The Holocaust in Documents

-          Reflections – Perpetrators, Rescuers and Others

-          Hana’s Suitcase

-          The Ghetto (since 2004)

-          My Inner Temple (since 2004)

-          The Golem (since 2004)

-          Researcher in the field of Judaism is an interactive alternative to the lecture The Jewish Year. It involves students working in small groups, each focusing on a separate topic from Jewish life (Sabbath, Pesach, Jewish cuisine, birth and circumcision, and the wedding). Use is made of various texts, pictures, photographs and ritual objects and, at the end of the workshop, each group presents the results of its work to the others.

-          The Hebrew Alphabet focuses on the origin and development of the Hebrew alphabet, the meaning of the Torah, its appearance, symbolic decorations and basic rules of its production and writing. The practical part of the project involves making a scroll, writing in Hebrew script and quizzes. 

-          Noah’s Ark involves children looking for animals among the exhibits in the Klausen Synagogue and on tombstone relief ornaments in the Old Jewish Cemetery. In the practical part of the project, children draw stories and are set various individual tasks.

-          Art in Extreme Situations is inspired by the example of children from the Terezín ghetto who were helped by adults to come to terms with the harsh life of the ghetto through art. This project includes a tour of the exhibition of Terezín children’s drawings at the Pinkas Synagogue, which is conducted by a person who was incarcerated in Terezín as a child. After the tour, the students are encouraged to express their feelings of racial and religious intolerance through art.

-          Aryeh offers the youngest visitors a tour of the JMP with the use of a new workbook Aryeh, Your Guide to the Jewish Town. The cartoon guide to the Jewish sites of Prague is Aryeh the lion cub, whose picture can also be seen on exhibits that are related to various tasks in the workbook which the children have to solve.

-          The Ghetto that Disappeared, focuses on a history of houses that have either disappeared or are still standing in the Josefov district of Prague and is intended mainly for children who attend school in the centre of Prague. Working on their own, the children are given the task of tracing the history of houses that either no longer exist in the reconstructed area or have changed in the course of time. The project may lead to small exhibitions at schools or to various cultural events.

-          The Holocaust in Documents project provides interactive programmes for elementary and high schools. It involves five work groups analysing documents connected with five stages of the Holocaust and was launched in association with the House of the Wannsee Conference. 

-          The project Reflections – Perpetrators, Rescuers and Others was launched in association with the London Imperial War Museum. Participants try to determine the above groups on the basis of photographs and specific stories.

-          The Hana’s Suitcase project offers an overview of basic information of the anti-Jewish measures that were introduced during the Nazi occupation, with particular emphasis on the impact they had on children. It is based on the particular story of Hana Brady, which was recounted by Karen Levin in the book of the same name (published in Czech by Portál with the support of the JMP). On the basis of individual searches in documents and subsequent discussions with Holocaust Survivors, project participants highlight the fate of specific persons from the Protectorate of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia during World War II. Drawing on their findings and their own imagination, they also describe the personal stories of some of the figures.

-          The Ghetto project familiarizes students with the concept of the ghetto and the problem concerning segregation of minorities. Making them aware of how it feels to be in the position of an oppressed group and of having their freedoms curtailed, it shows that liberty and material prosperity are not to be taken for granted

-          Launched as a follow-up to the exhibition of synagogue textiles For Dignity and Adornment, the new project My Inner Temple is focused on the symbolism of synagogue textiles and their connection with the Temple of Jerusalem.

-          The Golem project familiarizes pupils with some of the basic concepts of Judaism and with the legend of the creation of the Golem. It is designed also for children of pre-school age.

-          Providing special programmes on selected topics, the Sunday Workshops project is intended for parents accompanying children, for children accompanied by adults (from youth centres and special-interest clubs) and for schools.


VI. Activities of the ORT centre

-          The JMP website was redesigned, expanded and supplemented on an ongoing basis.  

-          The website for the Neighbours Who Disappeared project was updated.

-          The services of the ORT computer centre were used by 867 visitors. Assistance was provided in the use of special software programs based on Jewish themes (e.g. Encyclopaedia Judaica) and in computer technology and data processing.

-          The computer lab was opened to the public twice a week.


VII. Library and videotapes

Open to the public three times a week, the Library provides reference books and videotapes.

Total number of reference books – 2,916; acquisitions – 211.

Total number of films and documentaries on videotape – 241; total number of ECC lectures on videotape – 427; acquisitions – 30 films and documentaries, 59 lectures.


VIII. Participation in conferences, symposia, discussions, lectures

Participation in the international conference Teaching the Holocaust to Future Generations, organized by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, 8–11 August 2004 (M. Zahradníková)

Contribution to the seminar Kehilla, organized by the Boskovice Museum, 28 September – 3 October 2004 (M. Zahradníková and K. Svobodová from the JMP’s Holocaust Department)

Presentation of ECC activities at a seminar for teachers, organized by the Černovice Memorial civic association, 8 – 10 October 2004 (M. Zahradníková)

Presentation of ECC activities at a seminar for librarians in Ostrava, organized by the Prague Multicultural Centre, 3 November 2004  (M. Zahradníková)

Participation in the international seminar Methodology of Holocaust Education  at the Terezín Memorial, 16 – 20 November 2004 (M. Pojar, M. Zahradníková)

-          Participation in the international seminar The Holocaust in Education at the Terezín Memorial, 25 – 28 November 2004 (M. Zahradníková and M. Sládková). Presentation by ECC staff of the projects Hana’s Suitcase and My Inner Temple

-          Participation in the regular International Task Force meeting in Rome (June) and Terst (December) (M. Pojar)

-          ECC Director Dr. Miloš Pojar gave a series of lectures for students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (Specific Problems from the Modern History of the State of Israel) and, together with M. Zahradníková, for the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University (The Jewish State and the Diaspora). For the ECC and various groups from the Czech Republic and abroad, Dr. Pojar also organized a further 19 lectures on the history and present situation of Czech and European Jews, the State of Israel, and the Middle East situation.

-          As part of the EEC’s activities, JMP director Dr. L. Pavlát gave 8 lectures on Jewish traditions and customs and on anti-Semitism (also for the Palacký University in Olomouc, the CEDR Association (a centre for ecological and spiritual development), various Jewish and Christian organizations, the Prague City Library and the Prague School of Economics). 

-          Contribution on The role of the Jewish Museum in the 21st century at The Future of Jewish Heritage in Europe conference (24 – 27 April 2004) (L. Pavlát)

-          Participation in panel discussions on the topic Anti-Semitisms Yesterday and Today in the Parliament of the Czech Republic (16 March 2004) and on Czech Anti-Semitism (Publishing House Academia, 25 February 2004)    (L. Pavlát)

-          3 lectures were given at the EEC by specialist JMP staff (A. Pařík).


IX. Media cooperation, publications and reviews

-          L. Pavlát provided regular contributions on Jewish topics for the Czech Section of the BBC, Radiožurnál, Vltava Radio Station (13-part series Jewish Prayer), Regina Radio Station and for the daily press (in particular Lidové noviny, Mladá fronta Dnes, Roš chodeš) and Czech Television.

-          Reviews of Jewish topics in textbooks for publishing houses (L. Pavlát)


X. Preparation of publications

ECC collection of papers Židovská menšina v třicátých letech [The Jewish Minority in the 1930s] (M. Zahradníková)

Workbook for the workshop Hanin kufřík [Hana’s Suitcase] (M. Zahradníková)

Workbook for the workshop Hebrejská abeceda [The Hebrew Alphabet] (M. Sládková)

Workbook for the workshop Badatel v oboru judaismu [Researcher in the field of Judaism] (M. Sládková)


b) Department of Jewish Studies


I. Participation in conferences, symposia, discussions, lectures

International conference of the Society for Science, Palacký University, Olomouc – lecture: The Youth of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise in Bohemia: Legend and Actuality, 29 June 2004, (J. Fiedler)

Series The Jews in the Czech Lands, organized by Lidova Universita (cultural and educational centre of the Prague City Library) – lecture: History of Prague Jews from the Thirty Years’ War to the Reign of Marie Theresa, 11 November 2004  (A. Putík)

International colloquium Hasidism in Poland. New Perspectives, Wrocław University, 23 – 24 August  – participation by D. Polakovič 

Conference Archives in an International Context, State central Archive, 29 September – 1 October 2004 – participation by V. Hamáčková and M. Kurečková


II. Media cooperation, publications and reviews

Essays on Jewish communities in the 6th volume of Karel Kuča’s encyclopaedia Města a městečka v Čechách, na Moravě a ve Slezsku [Cities and Towns in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia] (published by Libri) (J. Fiedler)

Expert opinions of dissertations, assessment of student theses and reviews (J. Fiedler, V. Hamáčková)

 “Pokušení mladého rabína. Jakob Emden a jeho vzpomínky na Čechy” [A Young Rabbi’s Temptation. Jakob Emden and His Recollections of Bohemia], Židovská ročenka [Jewish Yearbook] 5765.  2004/2005 (A. Putík)

“The Second Part of the Chronicle ‘Qorot ha-Ittim’ by Abraham Trebitsch of Mikulov. A Contribution to 19th-century Jewish Historiography Research”, in: Judaica Bohemiae, XL, 2004 (I. Cermanová)

“Der jüdische Historismus in Böhmen und Mähren am Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts”, in: K. Hödl (ed.), Historisches Bewusstsein im jüdischen Kontext. Strategien–Aspekte–Diskurse, Schriften des Centres für Jüdische Studien 6, Innsbruck-Vienna-München-Bozen 2004 (I. Cermanová)

Material and suggestions for the preparation of a script for a film directed by Allan Miller and Mark Podval about the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague (A. Putík)


III. Preparation of publications

Judaica Bohemiae, XL, 2004 (editor A. Putík)

Hebrejské zkratky. Výsledky epigrafického výzkumu textilní sbírky Židovského muzea v Praze [Hebrew Abbreviations. The Results of Epigraphic Research into the Textile Collection of the Jewish Museum in Prague] (I. Cermanová)


c) Holocaust Department


I. Participation in conferences, symposia, discussions and lectures

-          Terezín Initiative meeting, 15 April 2004   (A. Franková, L. Pavlát)

-          60th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Family Camp in Birkenau, 7 – 9 March 2004, Auschwitz (K. Svobodová)

-          Respect for Tolerance – conference, 24 June 2004 – Loštice (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Kehilla – seminar, organized by the Boskovice Museum, 28 September–3 October 2004 (K. Svobodová. M. Zahradníková)

-          Terezín 2004. Historiography of the Terezín Ghetto – State and Perspectives, 20 – 23 November 2004, Terezín (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová). Contribution by  JMP  director L. Pavlát to the conference  (Jewish Museum in Prague and its role in Holocaust research and the exposure of attempts at its misinterpretation)

-          Lecture on the Holocaust delivered by A. Franková at the Secondary Technical School, Belgická Street, Prague, 6 December 2004


II. Media cooperation, publications and reviews

-          Filming of the exhibition Long-lost Faces, Czech Television – Centre for Current Affairs, Documentaries and Education, head of production Marcela Týcová

-          Provision of interviews for Holocaust, a three-part television documentary by Milan Maryšek and Petr Jančárek (A. Franková, J. Šplíchalová, L. Pavlát)

-          Consultation and literature searches on regulations and laws aimed at Jewish citizens in  1939–42 for a documentary film directed by Tomáš Váňa for the Prague Jewish Community’s Hidden Child organization

-          Provision of consultations, interviews, search for Holocaust Survivors, provision of shots from Jarry Mahrer’s family-made documentary film (with his consent) for Má šťastná hvězda [My Lucky Star], a documentary film by Helena Třeštíková about Zdena Fantlová – first screening on 11 May 2004 (A. Franková, P. Kořínková)

-          Literature searches for a film made by Eva Kučerová about Toyen, (K. Svobodová)

-          Preparation of archival materials, literature searches, assistance in the shooting of a documentary film about Terezín and the magazine Vedem by Japanes director Ai Taniuchi (Japanese Television station NHK) ( A. Franková,  J. Šplíchalová)

-          Provision of photographs for a documentary film by Lenka Girard, Films du Bouloi (P. Kořínková)

-          Literature searches and provision of antedated postcards for a film about Auschwitz directed by Dominic Sutherland, BBC History Unite (J. Šplíchalová, K. Svobodová)

-          Recording of an interview about the procedure for dispatching individual transports of Jews from Prague – supplement for a Czech Television film about the deportation of Jews from the Nazi Protectorate (A. Franková)

-          Consultation for Czech Television regarding culture in Terezín – background material for a documentary film on the opera Brundibar, scripted by Eva Dannhoferová (J. Šplíchalová, K. Svobodová)

-          Interview for a film about the family camp in Auschwitz for a television film directed by Helena Třeštíková, 14 December 2004 (A. Franková)

-          Preparation of documentary photographs for the media

-          Review of the text of a lecture by Prof. Wolf Oschlies (University “Justus Liebig” in Giessenu) on cultural life in Terezín (A. Franková)

-          Assessment of graduation work by Jana Nováková Získávání nových informací o obětech holocaustu a jejich výstavní prezentace [Obtaining and exhibiting new information on Holocaust victims] (J. Šplíchalová, K. Svobodová)


III. Study visits

Study of archive materials in Bundesarchiv branches and in Czech archives (J. Šplíchalová)

-          Holice and Rychnov nad Kněžnou, receipt of materials for the project Help Search for Neighbours Who Disappeared, viewing of the Rychnov Synagogue exhibitions (entire department)

-          Mirovice – visit to interview Shoah survivor František Růžička, 27 May 2004 (P. Kořínková, K. Svobodová)

-          Horní Bříza – as part of the project Help Search for Neighbours Who Disappeared, (P. Kořínková, K. Svobodová)

-          Study of Terezín children’s artwork, Terezín Memorial (K. Svobodová)


d) Collections Department


I. Participation in conferences, symposia, discussions and lectures

-        Lecture at ICOM international conference, Working Group on Graphic Documents, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2004 (J. Stankiewicz)

-        International conference The Future of Jewish Heritage in Europe, Prague, 24 – 27 April 2004 (E. Kosáková, M. Veselská; connected with the sale of JMP publications)

-        Conference Upsurge of Museums Founded in the Czech Lands, 1900–1914, Prachatice Museum, 19 – 21 May 2004 (M. Veselská,  H. Mlsová)

-        11th Congress of the International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation (OIDFA) in Prague, 16 – 18 July 2004; connected with the sale of JMP publications (D. Veselská – lecture Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague, E. Kosáková, H. Votočková)

-        Special Museums, 11th meeting of Czech, Saxon and Bavarian museologists, 15 – 17 September 2004, Neukirchen b. Hl. Blut, Germany (D. Veselská)

-        Membership on the committee of the Museological Commission of the Association of Museums and Galleries in the Czech Republic (D. Veselská, elected in September 2004)

-        Conference of restorers and conservators in Liberec, September 2004, lecture on Cleaning and Conservation of Silver Artefacts in Practice (P. Veselý, M. Jarešová)

-        Conference Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries – Establishment and Development of City Museums, Brno City Museum, 6 – 7 October 2004 (M. Veselská,  H. Mlsová)

-        Meeting of the Association of European Jewish Museums, Istanbul, Turkey, 20 – 23 November 2004 (M. Veselská)

-        Lost Heritage and the Art Market. Seminar organized by the Centre for the Documentation of the Transfers of Cultural Assets of Victims of the Second World War – Institute for Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 8 December 2004 (M. Veselská,  D. Veselská)


II. Media cooperation, publications and reviews

-        “Nejstarší jihomoravské synagogální opony” [The Oldest Curtains from South Moravia] in: Rovnost, 14, 17 January 2004, p. 6. (D. Veselská)

-        “Ikonografické motivy na synagogálních textiliích” [Iconographical Motifs on Synagogue Textiles], in: Rovnost, 14, 26 June 2004, p. 6. (D. Veselská)

-        “Židovské krajky. Nová výstava v galerii Roberta Guttmanna v Praze” [Jewish Laces. New Exhibition in the Robert Guttmann Gallery in Prague], Roš Chodeš, 66, 5764, July, pp. 8-9. (D. Veselská)

-        Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague. JMP exhibition catalogue, Prague, 2004. (D. Veselská)

-        “And she took her veil, and covered herself” (Gen 24:65). Bridal head coverings from the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague”. Article for Judaica Bohemiae, XL, 2004. (D.Veselská)

-        “Jewish and Associated Museum in Czechoslovakia in the Years 1918–1940”. Article for Judaica Bohemiae, XL, 2004. (M. Veselská)

-        Slovník judaik [Dictionary of Judaica], JMP, Prague, 2004. (E. Kosáková, J. Kuntoš, D. Veselská)

-        Introduction to the realia of Judaism at an art history seminar for students at the Catholic Theological Faculty, Charles University – tour of the Klausen Synagogue exhibition with specialized commentary (J. Kuntoš, M. Hájková)


III. Study trips

-        Study trip to the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Vienna, Austria and the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, Germany, 25 – 28 May 2004 (D. Veselská, funded by a Czech Ministry of Culture grant)

-        Study trip to the exhibition Europas Juden im Mittelalter, Speyer, 14 – 16 December 2004  (D. Veselská, H. Votočková, H. Mlsová, I. Cermanová)


e) Library


I. Participation in conferences, symposia, discussions and lectures

International provenance research colloquium, American Association of Museums, Washington  (15–16 November 2004, M. Bušek)


f) Exhibition, Publicity and Public Relations Department


I. Participation in conferences and symposia 

-          Prague Graphic Artist Emil Orlik – ECC, Jewish Artists series (A. Pařík)

-          Friedl Dicker-Brandeisová – for the 60th anniversary of deportations, ECC (A. Pařík) 

-          Prague Graphic Artist Emil Orlik,  ECC, for the European Day of Jewish Monuments, 5 September 2004 (A. Pařík)

-          Alexandr Brandeis – Patron of Czech Artists of the 19th Century, ECC (A. Pařík) 

-          Robert Guttmann – Painter and Traveller, lecture for the Jewish Community in Pilsen (A. Pařík) 

-          Architekture of Synagogues and Jewish Art – lecture for the Friends of Fine Art Club in Brno, Art and Religion series, March 2004  (A. Pařík) 

-          Synagogue or School? – Traditional and “Normal” Jewish Schools in Bohemia in the 19th Century – lecture at the conference Education and Awareness in Czech Culture of the 19th Century,  Pilsen 4 – 6 March 2004  (A. Pařík)

-          The Route of Jewish Heritage in the Czech Republic – lecture at the conference European Route of Jewish Heritage in Luxembourg (18 – 20 June 2004)  (A. Pařík)


II. Media cooperation, publications and reviews 

-          Ongoing cooperation with the press, radio and television stations – current affairs, news, cultural programmes, radio broadcasts of the Jewish Community of Prague Shalom Aleykhem, brief interviews for Czech Radio and Czech Television in connection with the opening of exhibitions at the Robert Guttmann Gallery and the 10th anniversary of the JMP as an independent institution (L. Pavlát, J. Smékalová, A. Pařík, J. Šplíchalová, M. Hájková).

-          Press conferences for individual exhibitions at the Robert Guttmann Gallery and subsequent articles in the press.

-          Press conference for the completion of the reconstruction of the Smíchov Synagogue and subsequent articles in the press.

-          Press conference for the 10th anniversary of the JMP as an independent institution, 1994–2004, and articles in the press.

-          Advertisements:

Regular features in the periodicals Přehled kulturních pořadů [Overview of Cultural Programmes], Česká kultura [Czech Culture], Praha srdce Evropy [Prague, the Heart of Europe]

Occasional features in the Katalog muzeí a galerií [Catalogue of Museums and Galleries], Nové knihy [New Books], Svět knihy [Book World], various periodicals for exhibitions at the Robert Guttmann Gallery

12-page promotional supplement for the 10th anniversary of the JMP as an independent institution – daily Respekt no. 41


III. Preparation of publications

-          Emil Orlik – Podobizny přátel a současníků / Emil Orlik ­– Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries, leaflet and catalogue (A. Pařík)  

-          Georg Jilovský – pražský grafik a malíř [Prague Graphic Artist and Painter], collection of papers on Jewish exlibris authors for the Czech Association of Ex-libris Collectors, Germany (A. Pařík)

-          Alexandr Brandeis a Adolf Wiesner: Mecenáš a jeho zeť  / Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law, leaflet and catalogue (A. Pařík)

-          “Karel Fleischmann – biografický medailon” [Karel Fleischmann – Biographical Portrait], for the catalogue of the exhibition Linie [Lines] in the Municipal House, Prague (A. Pařík)

-          “Georg Jilovský – pražský grafik a malíř” [Prague Graphic Artist and Painter], article for the periodical of the Czech Association of Ex-libris Collectors, published in Autumn 2004  (A. Pařík)

-          “History and Renovation of Jičín Synagogue” – article for Judaica Bohemiae, XL 2004 (A. Pařík)

-          “Obnova Staronové synagogy v letech 1997–1999” [Renovation of the Old-New Synagogue], Staletá Prague, 24, pp. 149-173, (A. Pařík).

-          Assessment of a dissertation on the Moorish style and Spanish Synagogues by Lenka Popluhárová, Palacky University, May 2004  (A. Pařík)

Encyklopedie židovských obcí v Čechách a na Moravě [Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities in Bohemia and Moravia] – 163 interactive entries available for sale on the Internet in PDF format. Entries are supplemented on an ongoing basis (J. Fiedler, H. Vašková)


IV. Permission to use JMP material

102 permissions were issued for use of books, magazines, promotion and study purposes – 66 for clients from abroad, 36 for clients from the Czech Republic.


V. Grant applications for support of JMP activities

The JMP filed 20 grant applications in 2004 – eight with organizations abroad, twelve with organizations in the Czech Republic. Six grant applications were accepted, two rejected, the others still in negotiations. Amount of grants that have been confirmed or paid out: USD 37,200, GBP 5,016 and CZK 400,000. 


VI. Study trips and training

·          England – London, study trip to prepare for an exhibition on A. Wiesner and A. Brandeis, 4 – 12 May 2004 (A. Pařík)

·          Exhibition Europas Juden im Mittelalter, Speyer, 25 – 28 November 2004  (A. Pařík)

·          Power Point training, Prague 15 – 16 July 2004 (A. Pařík, J. Smékalová)

·          School of Museum Propedeutics of the Association of Museums and Galleries in the Czech Republic, Prague, October–December 2004 (J. Smékalová, L. Pavlát)




8. Cultural activities


a) Cultural events at the Education and Culture Centre (ECC) of the JMP


The ECC prepared and organized 95 cultural projects, 61 of which were lectures as part of five series or on separate topics. The following series were completed: The Jewish Minority in the Czechoslovak Republic in the 1930s and Principles of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism (both presented by Sylvie Wittmannová). New series included People from Butcheries (presented by Chief Rabbi of the Czech Republic Karol Efraim Sidon), Jewish Motifs in Czech Film (presented by Alice Aronová) and My Encounters with Jewishness (presented by various personalities).

The ECC also hosted eight concerts (Klezmerim, Věra Nerušilová & Shonerts, Hana Frejková and Michal Hromek, Ester, Chesed veEmet, Marion, Edita Randová), four book presentations (collection Židovská menšina v Československu ve 20. letech [The Jewish Minority in Czechoslovakia in the 1920s], Židovská mystika [Jewish Mysticism] by Prof. Vladimír Sadek, Židovské památky Čech [Jewish Sites of Bohemia] by Blanka Rozkošná and Pavel Jakubec, Izrael [Israel] by Miloš Pojar), four commemorative evenings with authors (Ruth Bondy, Anna Franková, Helga Hošková-Weissová, Dr. Erich Kulka), eight literary evenings (Franz Kafka – Be Glad You’re a Girl / Letters to Ottla, From Leningrad to Prague – Inna Rottová, Eight Lights – Leo Pavlát, Max Brod, Arnošt KolmanThe Lost Generation, In the Prison Camp – Alan Levy, Czech Jewish Poetry, Readings from Contemporary Israeli Prose), four opening shows (Jewish Italy – Ferrara by Jaromír Dvořák, Jews in the Struggle against Nazism, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish Motifs in the Illustrated Works of Painter Jiří Běhounek), 13 lectures held by Bejt Praha, Bejt Simcha and the Franz Kafka Society and six evenings with film screenings (The Last Sephardi, Alfréd Radok’s Daleká cesta [The Long Journey], Načeradec, král kibiců [Mr. Načeradec, King of the Kibitzers], Pavel Tigrid – European, clips from films with a Golem theme, Marijka, nevěrnice [The Unfaithful Marika]). The ECC also contributed to the organization of the Kafka – Borges/Buenos Aires – Prague festival, in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina and Franz Kafka Centre (3 June – 3 July 2004).



b) JMP participation in trade fairs


-          10th Book World International Trade Fair, 2004, Prague, 6 – 9 May 2004.

-          Through the Czech Tourism Office, the JMP presented its publications and promotional material at the following trade fairs:

                             12 – 15 February – Holiday World, Prague

                              23 – 25 February – I.M.T.M.,Tel Aviv

                              17 – 18 March – EMIF, Brussels

                              18 – 22 March – Vacances, Brussels

                              24 – 26 September – Jata, Tokyo

-          Through the Czech Tourism Office, the JMP’s prospectuses and newsletters were on view at Czech centres in the following countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Israel, Japan, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom.



c) Programmes in the Spanish Synagogue


-          The Spanish Synagogue hosted nine concerts of classical music organized by the AGADA agency (Music Heritage of the Jewish Culture) and 136 concerts organized by Opera Ars Magna (song recitals Jewels of the Jewish Masters in Old Prague). The guitarist Lubomír Brabec completed the fourth series of concerts for season-ticket holders, Prague Musical Evenings in the Spanish Synagogue. Among his guests were renowned performers such as violinist Pavel Šporcl, cellist Jiří Bárta and the Linha Singers. The Arco Diva Agency held six concerts featuring the String Chamber Orchestra and the Herold String Quartet.

-          1 June – concert of Hebrew spiritual works by the girls’ choir Adash (choirmaster Tomáš Novotný), held as part of the Prague Spring Music Festival.

-          25 April – concert of works by Jewish composers. Held as part of The Future of Jewish Heritage in Europe conference, this event met with an extraordinarily positive response from the audience.

-          5 October – gala concert to mark the JMP’s tenth anniversary as an independent institution. Featuring cellist Jiří Bárta and harpist Jana Boušková, this event was attended by major political and cultural figures, including the President of the Czech Senate Petr Pithart, the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Cyril Svoboda and a number of ambassadors based in Prague

-          23 October – concert of works by Terezín composers (Hans Krása, Gideon Klein, Karel Reiner, Pavel Haas and Viktor Ullmann) performed by the Czech Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Andreas Sebstian Weier. This was held as part of the 12th Else Lasker-Schüler Forum, Sometimes I Miss Prague, in cooperation with the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities.

-          31 December – inaugural concert in the series Pavel Potocký – Memorial Concert Series, prepared by the JMP in cooperation with FCT Agency. Initiated by the Prague and US-based Potocký family, this series will continue in the spring of 2005 and is part of the concert series “Festival of Music – Václav Hudeček and His Guests”. The concert featured violinist Václav Hudeček accompanied by Musici de Praga.

-          The Spanish Synagogue was also the venue for religious services of the Conservative Jewish society Beit Praha.



9. Publications and retail activities


a) JMP publications and souvenirs, promotional material


-          New publications:

Collection Židovská menšina v Československu ve třicátých letech [The Jewish Minority in the 1930s] (1,500 copies)

ECC leaflet ( 3,000 copies)

Reissue of the catalogue Zmizelí sousedé  [Neighbours Who Disappeared] ( 4,000 copies)

Metodika: Zmizelí sousedé [Methodology: Neighbours Who Disappeared] (4,000 copies)

Czech version of the documentary film The Short Life of Anne Frank – in cooperation with the Anne Frank House (200 copies)

Work sheets for the workshop Hanin kufřík [Hana’s Suitcase] (1,500 copies), Hebrejská abeceda [The Jewish Alphabet] (1,500 copies) and Badatel v oboru judaismu [Researcher in the field of Judaism] (1,500 copies)

Specialist journal Judaica Bohemiae, XL, 2004 (500 copies in English, in German,)

Slovník judaik [Dictionary of Judaica], 144 pp. (1,000 copies)

Emil Orlik – Podobizny přátel a současníků / Emil Orlik ­– Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries, exhibition catalogue, 120 pp. (500 copies in Czech, 500 in English)

Krajky ze sbírek Židovského muzea v Praze / Laces from the Collections of te Jewish Museum in Prague,  catalogue k exhibition 120 pp.  (1,000 copies in Czech and English)

Alexandr Brandeis a Adolf Wiesner: Mecenáš a jeho zeť / Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law, exhibition catalogue, 120 pp. (500 copies in Czech, 500 in English)

CD Dol Dauber a jeho orchestry 1927–1938. “Mé srdce je jazzband” /Dol Dauber and his Orchestras, 1927-1938. “My Heart is a Jazzband” (1,000 copies)

CD Concerts from the Spanish Synagogue  (1,000 copies)                                           


-          Reprints:

Jewish Prague, (4,000 copies in English, 5,000 copies in German, 5,000 copies in French, 5,000 copies in Italian, 5,000 copies in Spanish)

Jewish Customs and Traditions – exhibition guide to the Klausen Synagogue (1,000 copies in English)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly (5,000 copies in English, 3,000 copies in German, náklad 3,000 copies in Italian, 3,000 copies in French, 1,500 copies in Spanish)

Spanish Synagogue poster (A2), 1,000 copies


-          Souvenirs:                                                                                      

Sixteen postcards – 8 depicting collection items, 8 with Terezín children’s drawings (16 ,000 copies)

Hanukkah cards (2,000 copies)

Copy of Ze-ha-Shulhan (500 copies)

Copy of paper cut-out (300 copies)

Laminated coasters with motifs of synagogue textiles  (6x100 copies)

Fridge magnets depicting seder plates (2x1,000 copies)

Pencils with JMP graphics and logo (720)

Matted drawings by Terezín children (175 copies)


-          Promotion:

Ten Years of the Jewish Museum in Prague 1994–2004 (1,000 copies in Czech, 1,000 copies in English)


-          Exhibition brochures

Emil Orlik – Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries (1,100 copies in Czech, 900 copies in English), Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law (600 copies in Czech, 800 copies in English), Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague (2,000 copies in Czech and English), Karel Cudlín: Passageways – exhibition poster (800 copies in Czech, 800 copies in English), Jiří Běhounek –  Book Illustrations (500 copies in Czech and English), Long-lost Faces – travelling exhibition (1,000 copies)

Exhibition brochure Mel Alexenberg: Cyberangels (700 copies in Czech and English)

Exhibition invitation cards: Emil Orlik – Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries (500 copies), Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law (500 copies), Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague (550 copies), Karel Cudlín:  Passageways (500 copies), Mel Alexenberg: Cyberangels (500 copies), Jiří Běhounek –  Book Illustrations (500 copies)

Leaflets provided with admission tickets (100,000 copies in Italian, 100,000 copies in German, 150,000 in English, 50,000 in Russian, 50,000 in Spanish, 50,000 in French, 50,000 in Hebrew)

JMP Newsletter (4 x 2,000 copies)

New Year’s card (800 copies)

Metro posters for exhibitions: Emil Orlik – Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries (60 copies),  Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law (60 copies), Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague (60 copies), Karel Cudlín:  Passageways (60 copies), Mel Alexenberg: Cyberangels (60 copies)

Complement cards in Czech – (1,000 copies)

b) Retail space on JMP premises


In 2004, the JMP rented out retail space to Relax Group in the Maisel, Klausen and Spanish synagogues for the sale of publications and souvenirs connected with Jewish subject-matter.


c) Sale via the Internet


Encyklopedie židovských obcí v Čechách a na Moravě [Jewish Communities in Bohemia and Moravia] – 163 interactive entries prepared in PDF format for sale via the Internet + CD production (H.Vašková)



10. Archives and documentation


a) Archives and documentation of Jewish Communities (archivist V. Hamáčková)


-          Provision of research services – 75 research visits, 8 literature searches, 70 consultations and replies to written queries. Public services were available only until 30 June 2004 due to archive relocation.

-          Preparation of archival materials for relocation to a new archive depository in Smíchov, Prague (V. Hamáčková, M. Kurečková, M. Hanková):

Disinfection of archival materials, 554 box-files  (61 metres)

Checks on the physical state and basic cleaning of archival materials, 2,62 box-files (230 metres)

Checks on the physical state and basic cleaning of archival books (30 metres)

Cleaning and refilling of the records of rural Jewish communities, approx. 1500 box-files (165 metres)

Thorough cleaning of books and papers (carried out by external specialists under the supervision of the JMP’s restoration workshop staff), 678 box-files (75 metres)

Refiling of disinfected and thoroughly cleaned archival records, 500 box-files (50 metres)

Cleaning and storage of the JMP’s archived publications (30 metres).

-          Continuation of general stocktaking and transfer of some collection records to the nationwide Archive Registration Program (PEvA)

-          Amendment of the JMP’s Documentary Regulations

-          Assessment of the possible uses of a stocktaking program for the sorting of archival collections, comparison of the JANUS (DLG computers) and PROARCHIV (Bach Systems) programs

-          Review of the register of local names for a comprehensive inventory of rural Jewish communities


b) Catalogue of Jewish Communities (supervisor J. Fiedler)


-          Preparations for an electronic encyclopaedia of Jewish communities on the JMP’s website: updating of introductory pages and the alphabetic catalogue, updating and systematic supplementing of encyclopaedic entries (163 entries available)

-          Review of encyclopaedic entries (D. Polakovič)

-          Preparation of literature searches and replies to queries from researchers

-          Cooperation with the State Institute for the Care of Historic Monuments in connection with a long-term grant project for the documentation of Jewish sites in the Czech Republic.


c) Documentation of Jewish cemeteries (V. Hamáčková, D. Polakovič)


Cooperation on the Keshet project (J. Haidler, P. Kirchner, D. Polakovič)

Ongoing modifications of the Keshet program for the documentation of cemeteries (P. Kirchner), verification and correction of computer database information (D. Polakovič)

Documentation of tombstones in cemeteries in Nový Bydžov, Písečný and Úsov (J. Haidler) and Stříbro, Stráž u Tachova (V. Chvátal)

Transcription into a computer database of tombstone inscriptions from the old part of the cemetery in Brandýs nad Labem (team workers J. Procházková, M. Rubešová, A. Světlá)

Preparation of situation maps for the cemeteries in Nový Bydžov, Písečné, Police, Šafov, Úsov (J. Klenovský), Mladý Boleslav, Brandýs nad Labem and Roudnice nad Labem (V. Chvátal)

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague – scanning of a card index of tombstone inscriptions,  preparation of registers and concordance  (D. Polakovič)

Work on a bibliography of hitherto published literature on Jewish cemeteries in the Czech lands (D. Polakovič)

Work on a list of materials in the JMP’s Archive for the documentation of Jewish cemeteries (V. Hamáčková, L. Petrusová)



d) History of the Holocaust


-          Terezín Archive Collection:

Arrangement and stocktaking of maps, inscriptions and technical drawings from the Terezín ghetto

Completion of an inventory of the Terezín Archive Collection

-          Acquisitions:

The Help Search for Neighbours Who Disappeared project (launched in 2001) continued. The Holocaust department was contacted by 97 persons who provided original and facsimile archival documents (family correspondence, farewell letters written prior to deportation, letters from the Terezín ghetto and concentration camps, illicit letters, personal documents), photographs (school, family, portrait) and personal narratives about Jewish families and communities. This involved carrying out data searches, identifying persons and securing the production of copies of loaned documents. Work began on the rough sorting of acquisitions.

Purchase of the diaries of Eva Wittlerová and of Renáta Reimanová

-          Photography Collection:

-         Basic sorting of a group of photographs and archival documents relating to transports to ghettoes, concentration camps and labour camps in the Baltic States, Belorus and eastern Poland (the material stems from Bundesarchiv branches, archives of the Czech Republic and from a collection donated by Lukáš Přibyl)

-          Testimonies from the Holocaust Survivors project:

-         Gathering, sorting and transcribing of new testimonies and ongoing processing of information into an electronic database (20 testimonies)

Completion of the sorting of selected testimonies from the Terezín Archive Collection and their processing into the Testimonies from the database of Holocaust Survivors (65 testimonies)

Ongoing anonymization of testimonies in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act

Editing of the Collection of Testimonies from Holocaust Survivors

Contacting of 60 Holocaust Survivors  – request for the provision of testimonies or documents relating to the Holocaust of Czech Jews

Preparation of a photo collection of Holocaust Survivors

Scanning of rare archival documents:

     Persecution Documents Collection

Inv. no. 79 – Literary work undertaken during the war, diaries (2331 folios)

     Terezín Collection

Inv. no. 178b – Internal Administration Department – Buildings Administration

1 Jahr Hamburge Kaserne (98 folios + covers and seal)

Inv. no. 304/1 – Reports on the first anniversary of the activities of homes in L 417 (73 folios)

Inv. no. 318 – Theatre and cabaret (146 folios)

Inv. no. 319a – Music – composers’ scores (83 folios)

Inv. no. 324a – Diaries and scrapbooks (905 folios)

Inv. no. 327 – Personal papers (7 folios)

Inv. no. 343 – Memoirs, specialist and art work undertaken after the Liberation (5 folios)


     Persecution Documents Collection

Inv. no. 43b – Correspondence with children from children’s transports dispatched abroad (134 folios)

Inv. no. 79 – Literary work undertaken during the war, diaries (125 folios)

     Terezín Collection

Inv. no. 326 – Literary work by adults (712 folios)

Inv. no. 327 – Personal papers (16 folios)                             

Inv. no. 318 – Theatre and cabaret (146 folios)

Inv. no. 319a – Music – composers’ scores (23 folios)

     Personal papers

Gideon Klein – inv. no. 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32 (116 folios)

-          Provision of research services: 86 visits

-          Literature searches and consultation in relation to the following topics:

Presentation of the opera Brundibar, Terezín Film, education of Jewish youth 1938–45, mixed marriages, reflections on the Holocaust in post-war literature, cultural life in Terezín, laws, decrees and regulations concerning the persecution of Czech Jewry, religious life in Terezín, Terezín composers, Malý Trostinec, liberation of concentration camps, music in Terezín, family camp in Auschwitz, testimonies from Holocaust Survivors, literature on concentration camps, Terezín children’s authors, literary work of children in Terezín, assistance for Jews from the church and the Czech population.

-          Routine correspondence: about 450 letters

-          Pinkas Synagogue Memorial to the victims of the Shoah from Bohemia and Moravia:

-         Continued gathering of background material for amendments and additions to inscriptions

-         Continued drawing up of computer lists with data on Shoah victims (individual persons and groups) – about 60 lists (also in connection with the Help Search for Neighbours Who Disappeared project).

-         Ongoing project photographing inscriptions

-         Completion of corrections of restored inscriptions in the Pinkas Synagogue Memorial

Background material for the building of a memorial in Říčany.



11. Collections


a) Collections Department (Curator in Chief E. Kosáková)


I. Collection of paintings, drawings and graphic art (M. Hájková)

The collection acquired 93 new works: three paintings – by Alžběta Groszová, Adolf Kohn and Robert Guttmann; 32 drawings – by František Zelenka (3 costume designs), Jan Černý (17 illustrations), Mark Podwal (9 illustrations), Emil Orlik (tombstone design), Václav Jansa (watercolour with a view of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague) and an anonymous artist from the Terezín ghetto; 58 pieces of graphic art – a set of 18 ex-libris and 33 prints by Emil Orlik, two prints each by František Gellner, Georg Jílovský and Mark Podwal, one print each by Endre Nemes and Willy Nowak.

A newly arranged collection of visual arts was transferred from the Pinkas Synagogue to the JMP’s newly opened depository. Stocktaking of all relocated items was carried out in connection with the relocation of the holdings at the end of the year.

The remaining items in a set of photographic positives and albums (previously included in the collection of paintings, drawings and prints) were set aside and incorporated into the historic photography collection, which was temporarily moved to the Photo Archive in connection with the new organization of art collections. The above set was prepared for cleaning, conservation (and, where necessary, restoration), digitization and cataloguing.

Work continued on a long-term project for the restoration and conservation of the art collection. The JMP restored 21 paintings – apart from two paintings by Robert Piesen, mostly 19th century portraits.


II. Paper Restoration Workshop (M. Kropáčková, J. Stankiewicz)

Cooperation in the preparation of JMP exhibitions

-          JMP – Robert Guttmann Gallery

-         Exhibition Emil Orlik (1870–1932) Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries – restoration of 184 items and matting of 80 selected works

-         Exhibition Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner: Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law – restoration of 18 items and matting of 50 works, including photocopies.

-          Exhibitions outside of the JMP:

-         Annual loan of 15 original children’s drawings to USHMM, Washington DC, USA – conservation and restoration, matting and framing, recording of the state of individual items

-         42 original children’s drawings and 15 pastels by Friedl Dicker-Brandeis for an exhibition at the Jewish Museum New York, USA – conservation and restoration, matting and framing, recording of the state of individual items

-         four drawings for a loan to Cité de la Musique, Paris  – conservation and restoration, matting and framing, recording of the state of individual items

-         46 works by K. Fleischmann for an exhibition in the Municipal House, Prague – conservation and restoration, matting and framing, recording of the state of individual items

-         Matting and installation of founding deeds in the Jubilee (Jerusalem) Synagogue, Prague


Work for JMP departments:

30 pastels, 131 drawings and prints were restored for the art collection. Surface cleaning was carried out on the collection of prints and drawings prior to its relocation to a new depository. 116 paintings on pasteboard were cleaned and provided with clips.

Surface cleaning was carried out on 150 framed photographs and 50 photographs on pasteboard.

39 parchment and parchments plaques, seven manuscripts and a Haftarot scroll fragment were restored for the collection of manuscripts and rare books. The first phase of a project for the restoration of the Třebíč Machzor was completed in cooperation with the Stuttgart Academy of Restoration.

-          Three books were restored and minor repairs were carried out on book bindings for the JMP Library

A circumcision book, 20 documents and 12 record files were restored for the Archive of the JMP.

Repairs were carried out on the bindings of 72 book (64 of which were provided with protective cases), 200 boxes of sheet music, 275 books from the holdings of rural Jewish communities, 394 boxes from the holdings of the Prague Jewish community.

A five-month attachment was arranged for a paper restorer from Prague City Museum and for students from the Secondary Industrial School of Graphic Art and the Institute of Restoration and Conservation Techniques, Litomyšl

Regular air-conditioning checks were carried out in the JMP’s depositories and exhibitions.


III. Textile Collection (D. Veselská)

-       The JMP’s textile holdings (garments, bridal coverings, items from genizot, acquisitions) were catalogued on an ongoing basis. In total, 120 items were catalogued.

-       Two requests were filed for a financial contribution from the Czech Ministry of Culture’s ISO Programme – Restoration of synagogue curtain inv. no. 27.391 of 1602 from the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague and Making of atypical exhibition vitrines for long-term presentation of synagogue textiles from the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague.

-       A competition for the Best design and execution of the Star of David was held for the exhibition Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague. 28 designs were submitted by 25 entrants and are now included in the JMP’s collections.

Work continued on the specialized cataloguing of Jewish textiles located outside of the JMP’s collection (35 items from the Comenius Museum in Přerov).

-       Consultations were provided regarding requests for a financial contribution from the JMP Foundation and regarding the drawing up of tenders for the Jewish community in Brno, the Regional Museum of Vysočina, Jihlava – Polná Section, and Benešov o.p.s. (public benefit corporation).

-       The collection was opened and consultations were provided to 11 researchers.


IV. Textile Restoration Workshop (H. Votočková, V. Nauschová)

-          98 textiles from the collections were restored and conserved.

-          22 copies of textile items were set aside for external restoration

Cooperation was provided in the preparation of the exhibition Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague (specialist examination of all items selected, exhibition preparations, cooperation on exhibition installation and reinstallation).

Work continued on the production of copies of textile items and of completely new items for long-term loans and for the requirements of Jewish communities (the Auxiliary Fund).

A review of the set of Tefillin bags and a set of fragments was carried out.

Work was completed on the review, photo documentation and new storage of a set of garments and a set of caps

Work commenced on the review, photo documentation and new storage of a set of Torah binders.

A restorer from Slovakia completed a month-long work attachment at the workshop.

Specialist supervision was provided for the school-leaving projects of two students from September 2004 onwards.


V. Metal Collection (J. Kuntoš)

-          30 acquisitions – 11 purchases, 11 donations, 8 items transferred as previously unregistered material from the JMP’s collections.

-          Work continued on the selection of items for a major catalogue of silver objects.

-          Work began on the cataloguing of a collection of pewter Seder plates

-          21 research queries were dealt with.


VI. Metal Restoration Workshop (M. Jarešová, P. Veselý)

Galvanized plastic copies were made of collection items for long-term loans (the Auxiliary Fund).

Work experience was provided for three third-year students of conservation at the Secondary Industrial School of Graphic Art in Prague, including selection of items. Specialist consultations were also provided for school-leaving projects and for graduation exams.

Work experience was provided for four students from the Secondary Industrial School of Applied Art and the Higher Technical School in Turnov.


VII. Documentation of the Collection Department (M. Veselská, H. Mlsová, I. Círová-Hacmacová, H. Kopřivová)

-          41 loan agreements were prepared for exhibition purposes (7 for foreign institutions, 34 for Czech institutions – including loans of liturgical items to Jewish communities). 132 collection items were loaned to institutions abroad, 527 to institutions in the Czech Republic.

-        45 loan agreements and 32 work agreements with external restorers were prepared – apart from repairs and restoration, this involved the production of copies of collection items, facsimiles for use in exhibitions, framing of paintings for exhibition purposes, drawings of items, etc.

-          11 agreements were drawn up for the purchase of artworks from individuals.

-        The collections were enriched by generous donations from the Czech Republic and abroad – Vladimír Kovačík, Allan Wolman, Hana Reinerová, František Horváth, Alena Jelínková, Vladimír Pech, Milena Schwarzová, Mark Podwal.

-        11 meetings of the JMP’s Acquisitions Commission were held. 51 proposals for purchases and donations were discussed (Commission Secretary H. Mlsová).

-          411 items (457 collection items) were recorded in the Acquisitions Register – 96 purchases, 29 donations, 322 items from stocktaking of items in the JMP’s depositories, from the gradual sorting of genizot finds and from secondary shipments from Jewish communities in Bohemia and Moravia.

-        Incorrect or duplicate numbers arising from the stocktaking of the metal collection in 2003 were sought out. Catalogue cards of inventoried items were marked with a stamp as a record of the stocktaking undertaken. Cards missing from the main numerical catalogue were made out (approx. 2,000 items). (H.Mlsová)

-          A further component of the ZMP’s holdings was inventoried in accordance with the Central Registration of Collections Act. In cooperation with the collection curator and depository administration staff, a physical inspection of 3 sets (drawings, paintings and prints) comprising 5,360 inventory numbers was carried out – 15.5% of the total number of items in the care of the Collections Department.

-        Worked continued on the scanning of the German Catalogue (181 volumes were scanned by the end of 2004). As the catalogue was being scanned, it was also conserved, restored and rebound. Also, the transcription of catalogue entries using a text editor was completed. H. Kopřivová, M. Veselská)

-          Work continued on the transcription of data from the German Catalogue into an Excel database. The following collection points were thoroughly researched:

Bechyně, Boskovice, Brno, Brtnice, Březnice, Bučovice, Bzenec, Dlažov, Dolní Královice, Domažlice, Holešov, Hradec Králová, Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Ivančice, Ivanovice, Janovice nad Úhlavou, Jevíčko, Jihlava, Kasejovice, Kdyně, Kladno, Kolín, Kounice, Krásno nad Bečvou, Kroměříž, Liberec, Lipník nad Bečvou, Loštice, Lukavec, Mirovice, Moravská Ostrava, Nepomuk, Nová Cerekev, Nové Strašecí, Nový Rousínov, Nýrsko, Olomouc, Petrovice, Plzeň, Pocínovice, Postřižín, Prostějov, Přeštice, Rokycany, Říčany, Slaný, Staňkov, Stránčice, Strážov, Světlá nad Sázavou, Svitavy, Štěnovice, Švihov, Trhový Štěpánov, Třebotov, Uherský Ostroh, Uhlířské Janovice, Unhošť, Ústí nad Orlicí, Valašské Meziříčí, Velvary, Vizovice, Vyškov, Zruč.

In total, about 2,690 catalogue items were translated. By the end of 2004, the total number of transcriptions was approximately 84,500. (H. Mlsová).

-          Work continued on the transcription of data from acquisition registers into an Excel database – records on two-thirds of the JMP’s collection of drawings, paintings, prints and children’s artworks were processed. (I. Círová-Hacmacová).

-        Work was completed on the first phase in the creation of a database of postwar exhibitions that have received loans from the JMP (excerpts from printed sources). (M. Veselská).

-        All available information was ascertained on the sale of a set of Torah scrolls from the collections of the State Jewish Museum in Prague in 1964. (M. Veselská)

-        In cooperation with curators of collections, work continued on the documentation of Judaica outside of the JMP. Items from the collections of museums visited in 2003 were expertly catalogued. Documentation of items from the collections of the following institutions was undertaken anew: District Museum of Local History in Česká Lípa, Masaryk Museum in Hodonín, Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Museum of Beskydy Region in Frýdek-Místek, District Museum in Most, Regional Museum in Teplice, Dr. Šimon Adler Museum in Dobrá Voda nr. Hartmanice (Museum of West Bohemia branch, Pilsen), Museum of Těšín Region in Český Těšín, Jemnice Museum, Museum of West Moravia in Třebíč (part of holdings).

A special card catalogue with photo documentation was put together from items that had already been catalogued.

-          12 literature searches were prepared for external researchers. (M. Veselská)


VIII. Depository Administration (P. Novák, L. Rožátová, L. Pilarská, F. Horváth)

The collection of paintings and graphic art was relocated to the newly reconstructed depository in the former Smíchov Synagogue (technical arrangements for transport, packing, unpacking and new storage of items, drawing up of new location lists in the depository administration database) and background materials were prepared for subsequent stocktaking of the collection in accordance with the Central Registration of Collections Act.


IX. Photo Archive (P. Máčová, M. Jelínek)

-       Checks were made on the technical state of CD-ROMs on which photographs are stored and more than 600 archival CD-ROMs with photographic images were copied to the JMP’s new server.

-       A basic review of the Photo Archive was carried out and unclassified material was sorted and gradually stored. Data on individual photographs were continually processed in electronic form.

-       Photographs were sought out for JMP staff and copies provided.

-       New photographs of items were stored in the JMP’s digital archive system.

-       New negatives were processed for storage.

-       In cooperation with other JMP departments, photographs were selected for the publication Jewish Museum in Prague 1994–2004.

-       Consultations were held with a photography historian and restorer regarding the restoration, cataloguing and storage of photographs.

-       More than 60 queries from Czech and foreign researchers were dealt with and, where necessary, additional materials were provided (mostly in electronic form).


X. Photo Department (J. Tatranský, D. Cabanová, V. Wünschová)

-       Digitization of the German Catalogue continued with the scanning of 7,500 catalogue cards.

-       Digitization of the collection of synagogue textiles continued – 1,060 digital images taken.

-       Digitization of silver collection items continued – 308 digital images taken.

-       366 digital images of paintings were taken.

-       974 digital images were taken for illustrated documentation of restoration reports.

-       211 documentary images were taken for regional exhibitions.

-       6,894 digital images were taken for the Holocaust Department.

-       3,990 digital images of archival records were taken for the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books.

-       Photographs were taken of opening shows, prominent visits and other important JMP events and photo documentation was taken of exteriors, interiors and exhibitions.

-       Photographic work was undertaken for JMP publications and exhibitions:

-          exhibition catalogue  Laces from the Collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague

-          exhibition catalogue Mel Alexenberg – Cyberangels

-          publication The Jewish Museum in Prague, 1994–2004

-          exhibition catalogue Alexandr Brandeis and Adolf Wiesner – Patron of Arts and his Son-in-Law

-          publication Dictionary of Judaica

-          background material for JMP Newsletters


b) Department of Jewish Studies


I. Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books (O. Sixtová)

The following activities were undertaken, in addition to the continual professional care of the holdings (and dealing with queries and research requirements):

Cataloguing of manuscripts and single sheets in the JMP database – approx. 500 records

Listing and cataloguing of Torahs in the JMP collection. 140 scrolls and fragments from the Prague Jewish community’s holdings were documented, of which 91 were included in the JMP holdings

Selection of collection items for cleaning and restoration

Preparation of an exhibition of religious pictures at the Robert Gutmann Gallery in 2005


II. Collection of written material from genizot (O. Sixtová)

Supplementing of the catalogue of finds – approx. 50 records




12. Library and Reference Centre (Chief Librarian A. Jelínková)


a) Statistics



-          Attendance:                                                                                    1,107 researchers

-          Number of registered readers:                                                                       292

-          Number of active registered readers in 2004:                                                221 

-          Loans registered in automated system:

-       Number of books loaned:                                                                               2,627

-       Number of books loaned for use in reading room:         1,053

Number of inter-library loan requests:                                                        34

                Number of inter-library loans:                                                             23


Reference Centre

-          Attendance    

                individual                                                                  2,173 visitors

The Library was open to the public two days in the week, the Reference Centre on weekdays.

-          Acquisitions:

- books: 1,631 titles (197 for the Education and Culture Centre, 59 for the Reference Centre)

- periodicals: 7 titles (out of a total of 788)                                                                                             - CD-ROMs: 20 for the Library, 2  for the Reference Centre, 2 for the Education and Culture Centre


b) Participation in events


-          Seminars

Ceiba – Protection and Restoration of Holdings (National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague –  31 May 2004)

We and The Others (Prague City Library –  3 June 2004)

Meeting of SUALEPH – Association of Aleph Users – (SUALEPH Brno – 16 June 2004)

Libraries and Museums – Possibilities in the Use of Structural Funds (ZAHRADA civic association in cooperation with the Open Society Fund, Prague – 17 June 2004)

Libraries in a Web of Cooperation (Association of Librarians and Information Workers of the Czech Republic and the Management Faculty, School of Economics, J. Hradec,  24 – 26 June 2004)

National Seminar for Library, Museum and Gallery Workers (Olomouc Art Museum and Olomouci Museum of Local History, Olomouc, 6 – 8 September 2004)

Automation of Libraries – Joint Cataloguing (Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Philosophy Faculty, Charles University, Prague; SKIP, Prague – 30 September 2004)

Seminar for Aleph Users  (Bavarian State Library, Munich, 10 – 16 October 2004)

Seminar for Periodical Acquirers + 14th Autumn Trade Fair (National Library of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Regional Library of Vysočina in Havlíčkův Brod, Havlíčkův Brod, 14 – 15 October 2004)

Digitization in Libraries (National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, 6 October – 2 November 2004)

Safe Museum (Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic, Brno, 10 – 11 November 2004)

Lost Heritage and the Art Market (Center for the Documentation of Property Transfers of the Cultural Assets of Victims of the Second World War, Institute for Contemporary History, Academy of Sciences, Prague, 8 December 2004)


-          Conferences 

Digitization of Museum Collections (Technical Museum, Prague, 27 – 28 April 2003)

Text and Culture (Paideia, Stockholm, 23 – 24 May 2004)

Inforum 2004 (School of Economics – Albertinum Icome Praha, Prague, 25 – 27 May 2004)

International Provenance Research Colloquium (American Association of Museums, Washington, 15 – 16 November 2004)

Archives, Libraries and Museums in the Digital World – 5th year (SKIP, State Central Archive, Prague,  2 December 2004                                                 


c) Specialist visits and consultations


I. Czech Republic 

-          Ztichlá klika antiquarian bookshop and gallery, Prague

-          Ing. Z. Bláha – production of compact shelves, Vraný

-          Ing. J. Červenák – climatologist, Prague

Institute of the Terezín Initiative, Prague

-          Library of the Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague

-          Prague City Library

-          National Library, Prague, Central Depository

-          National Library, Prague, Department for the Supplementing of Czech Literature

-          Association of Librarians and Information Workers, Prague

-          Institute of Computer Technology, Charles University, Prague

-          Higher Technical School of Information Services, Prague

-          Library of the Law Faculty, Charles University, Prague


II. Abroad

 Bullaty – Humboldt–Universität, Berlin

Dr. G. Silagi – Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Munich


d) Automation of operations


-          Aleph library system

23,897 records were processed in the Aleph library system as at the year end. 4,422 records were entered in 2004 (new acquisitions in the catalogue module, earlier publications in the catalogue module – retrospective cataloguing, records of Hebrew publications, analytic records of selected periodicals).

Work in the Acquisition, Cataloguing, Serials, Loans, OPAC modules for the Library website.

A new version of the Aleph library system was installed in November, introductory system training was undertaken and work began on system localization.

-          Internet

Posting of monthly Library acquisitions on the Library website.

Bibliographical data searches  in Czech and foreign library catalogues and in electronic databases

Factographic data searches for the requirements of JMP staff and library visitors

Participation in specialist electronic conferences (Library, KOMIG, KATPOL, Rare Books, SUALEPH, Aleph-l)


e) Digitization of the Library holdings


Preparation of background material for a grant application (VISK7) for completion of a series of digitized periodicals.



g) Work on the Library holdings


-          Checks were carried out on the call-number series 69.000-69.999 of the Library’s collections and on the rare books stored in the safe

-          The retrospective cataloguing of periodicals in the Holocaust Department and the Education and Culture Centre was completed

-          The database of original owners was continually maintained

-          261 books were registered in the Central Register of Collections

-          A register was made of periodicals that are stored in the depository in Jáchymova Street

-          14 volumes were restored in cooperation with the restoration workshop

-          293 protective cases for restored and treated volumes were made

-          28 volumes were repaired or restored externally

-          New bindings were made for 52 volumes

-          A micro-biological investigation was carried out in the depositories in the administration office and in the periodical depository in Jáchymova Street.




13. Computer network (V.Vrbický)


a) General hardware and software backup for PC users


-          2 new computers, including operating systems and the same number of MS Office XP programs were purchased.

-          7 new computers, including operating systems and the same number of MS Office XP programs were purchased for the new archive and depository for the art collection.

-          Two 8TB disk fields were purchased and the use of disk space for data storage was facilitated for the Photo Archive. 

-          The server room was redesigned to improve access to the individual servers and a more effective use of air-conditioning was introduced.

-          An MS PowerPoint XP basics course was arranged externally for JMP staff.


b) Local network extension


-          The local computer network was expanded to a transfer speed of 1GB, connecting 81 computers. A VPN connection with the new archive was put into operation, enabling computer links, data synchronization between 8TB disk fields and a free telephone connection within the JMP building complex.




c) E-mail and Internet


-          All JMP staff connected to the local computer network have access to e-mail and the Internet.

-          A new domain server was installed with updated software.

-          An anti-spam program was installed on the e-mail server.

-          The anti-virus program for scanning attachments was continually updated.


d) Anti-virus program


-          The anti-virus database and anti-virus program were continually updated.


e) Telephone connections


-          The telephone exchange was expanded using IP technology.

-          A telephone exchange was installed in the new archive with a VPN connection to the administration building.



f) ALEPH library system


-          A new server for ALEPH 500 was installed and put into trial operation.


g) Robert Guttmann Gallery


-          A large-scale monitor/projector was installed. A VHS/DVD player and notebook connected to the projection equipment were newly installed.





14. Technical and building projects (M. Lička, R.Šťastný)


a) Repairs and reconstruction


The JMP is in charge of the management of fourteen sites owned by the Jewish community in Prague. It is responsible for maintaining and, where necessary, repairing these sites, carrying out reviews and prescribed tests of technical facilities (including necessary operational activities), and negotiating business terms with utility network administrators, energy and utility suppliers. Special attention was paid to providing heightened security measures for visitors. The JMP met all its obligations relating to fire protection and security regulations and to safety and health at work.

In 2004, the JMP carried out refurbishment, technical and interior work with the aim of improving working conditions for employees and operational conditions in depositories for collection items.


I. Office complex

The following work was carried out:

-          Complete cleaning of facades (with scaffolding)

-          Sealing of selected windows

-          Alteration of lighting fixtures in the basement of house no. 153 for energy conservation

-          Installation of a treatment facility for heating water (water softening for the achievement of Czech norms and prolonging the life of the central heating system).

-          Alterations to the elevator in the café

-          Installation of disabled access ramp in the reception area

-          Installation of a mobile climate-control unit


II. Maisel Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-            Repairs to paintings and cleaning of elements that are difficult to access

-            Repair of interlocking concrete pavers and removal of cavities in the courtyard


III. Spanish Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-            Restoration of damaged benches and doors

-            Replacement of the coconut fibre carpet in the gallery; new carpet tack strip

-            Modernizing of the public toilet facilities (installation of effective ventilation and electric hand driers)

-            Complete overhaul of the underfloor heating system, cleaning and continuous flow setting


IV. Klausen Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-            Drawing up and elaboration of documentation for restoration of entrance doors, ticket booth alterations, design of storage systems and construction of more emergency exits.

-            Preparation of background material for tenders (restoration and locksmithing work)


V. Pinkas Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-            Alterations to the entrance court – erection of a ticket booth

-            Restoration of wall inscriptions damaged by flooding in 2002

-            Installation of security signs in the building

-            Repair of all retail stalls in the courtyard

-            Repair of the stone tiles in the entrance courtyard and removal of cavities

-            Alterations to improve the overall electric power input (insufficient capacity)

-            Investigation of the attic space prior to refurbishment, specification of requirements and design proposal

-            Invitation for, and assessment of, individual bids for alterations to the attic space

-            Implementation of electric fittings and paint work in the attic space

-            Repair of the roof and pipes

-            Specialist treatment of artificial marble features (Holy Ark, bimah)

-            Specialist in-depth cleaning and penetration of trachytic tiles on the ground floor


VI. Ceremonial Hall

The following work was carried out:

-            Inspection of the ceiling heating and repair of the plasterboard soffit on the second floor


VII. Smíchov Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-            Organization of take-over proceedings, lists of defects and unfinished work, checks on records and documents, organization of use permit proceedings, assertion of claims

-            Concluding of service contracts for the operation of elevators and house technology; cleaning contract

-            Installation of interior facilities, including an orientation system for the building

-            Hand-over of second-hand bookstore premises to the lessee

-            Alterations to the ventilation system for the restoration workshop

-            Alterations to the goods lift 

-            Repairs to outside vitrines

-            On 3 February 2004, a memorial copper box was deposited under the restored Ark of the Smíchov Synagogue. This contains a facsimile of the memorial document of 1863 and documents on the history and reconstruction of the synagogue, including project plans and photographs (both historical and recent). Also contained in the box is a memorial record on the history of the Smíchov Jewish community and its synagogue from the earliest times to the present, which has been signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Jewish Community in Prague, the Chief Rabbi of Prague, the Director of the Jewish Museum in Prague and members of its administrative board.


VIII. Building at Jáchymova 3

The following work was carried out:

-            Clearing out of the basement and transfer of stored items to the lessor

-            Acquisition of mobile climate-control units in the Photo Studio


IX. Jewish Cemetery in Fibichova Street, Prague

The following work was carried out:

-            Removal of graffiti from the cemetery wall and entrance building

-            Involvement in the design and assessment of alterations to fencing damaged by vandals


X. Brandýs nad Labem Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-          Drawing up of and consultation on a plan for the repair and reconstruction of the synagogue

-          Repair of the roof


XI. Golčův Jeníkov Synagogue

The following work was carried out:

-          Inspection and repair of eves and drainpipes


XII. Old Jewish Cemetery

The following work was carried out:

-          Tree felling and pruning


b) Maintenance


The following work was carried out:

-          Ensuring of operating conditions for the due running of all buildings used by the JMP, including the necessary technical facilities (transformer station, elevators, air-conditioning equipment, cooling plant, measurement and control of the building’s technical facilities, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, gas boilers, pressure vessels, platforms for disabled access, relaxation centre equipment).

-          Necessary repairs to walls, pipes, plumbing installations and lock fittings; painting and coating.

-          Regular maintenance of electric installations, cleaning and overhaul of eaves and inlets.

Organization and supervision of cleaning work.

Ensuring of, and checks on, compliance with obligations relating to fire protection and security regulations and to safety and health at work.



c) Technical supervision of repairs and reconstructions (V. Hamáčková)


-          Old Jewish Cemetery – restoration of 58 tombstones, salvage and preservation work on 25 tombstones

-          Cemetery in Fibichova Street – restoration of 36 tombstones, salvage and preservation work on 25 tombstones


d) Integrated security system (H. Pojarová)


The following work was carried out:

-          Installation an electric security system, an electric fire-safety system, CCTV and an electronic access control system in the Smíchov Synagogue.

-          Installation of a radio connection between the Smíchov Synagogue and the chief security officer’s desk in the JMP’s office complex and subsequent connection to the Central Protection Desk of the Czech Police Force.

-          24-hour guard for the Smíchov Synagogue by JMP security staff.

-          Installation of a push button for security staff to report on the hour to the Chief Security Officer in the JMP office complex (two-way control).

-          Updating of project documentation for an electric security system in the Klausen Synagogue and Ceremonial Hall.

-          Updating of software for SCHRACK central equipment in the JMP’s office complex.

-          Replacement of PCs for ALVIS software  (electric security and fire-safety systems) and Granta (smart card access) to facilitate data back-up

-          Updating of software in the individual exchanges

-          Installation of electric fire-safety system sensors in the basement of the Ceremonial Hall (WC) with radio transmission

-          CCTV expansion.

-          Review of the electric security fire-safety systems.

-          Participation in the Safe Museum colloquium, Brno (H. Pojarová)



15. Prominent visits



A group of 20 members of the Society for the History of Czechoslovak Jews led by Rabbi Norman Patz, with Emil Orlik’s niece Anita Bollag and her husband



-          Zvi Lidar – Director, Communications and Public Affairs Division of the Keren Kayemeth Leisrael



-          Ambassador Yoav Biran, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel



Gloria Raquel Bender, Director of the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina

-          Silvan Shalom, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel



Luzius Wildhaber, President of the European Court of Human Rights

Néstor Kirchner, President of Argentina

Rabbi Joseph Kanofsky, Director of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation in Poland, with and group of 40 students



Her Excellency the Honourable Dame Silvia Cartwright, Governor of New Zealand, and Peter Cartwright

A group of 70 US Jewish representatives of the individual sections of the United Jewish Communities



-          Anita Tarsi, Director of Beit Terezín, Israel

-          Mahon Kaye from the Yad Vashem Educational Center, Israel



-          Michael G. Hahn, Counsellor for Public Affairs, Embassy of the United States of  America)




16. Sponsors


a) From abroad


Foundations and institutions:

Ronald S. Lauder Foundation (USA)

American Friends of the Czech Republic (USA)

Anne Frank House (Netherlands)

Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity (USA)

Diakonie Geref Kerk (Netherlands)

European Association for Jewish Culture (UK)

Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation, USA

Task Force (USA)

World Monuments Fund (USA)

World ORT (UK)


Individual persons:

F. Brigit  (UK)

F. Deutch  (USA)

H. Friedman  (USA)

I. Friedová-Rafaeli  I. and  P.A. Rafaeli (USA)

L. Gersham (USA)

L. Gurevich (USA)

Mc Keever (USA)

N. Patz (USA)

M. Potocky (USA)

J. and B. Ruskin (USA)

F. and M. Sanders (USA)

C. Surour (USA)

A. Wollman (IK)


b) from the Czech Republic


-          Foundations and institutions:

Czech Saving Bank (Česká spořitelna)

Czech-German Future Fund

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

Jewish Museum in Prague Foundation

Holocaust Victims Foundation


Individual persons:

L. Ciencala

M. Kubeša




17. Donations provided by the JMP


The JMP provided funds to the following groups for humanitarian purposes, for preservation of the Jewish cultural heritage and for other activities connected with Jewish themes and with the struggle against racism and anti-Semitism:


Czech Union of Jewish Youth

Czech League of Freedom Fighters

People in DistressCzech Television Foundation

Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic

Jewish Community in Prague’s Forum against Anti-Semitism

Institute of the Terezín Initiative

K2 s.r.o.

International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem

MAMMA Foundation, Prague

Tolerance and Civic Society association

ZORA physical training association in Prague for visually impaired sportspeople

Trombenik – Klezmer band

Jewish Community in Prague




18. Awards


-          Main award in the Gloria Musealis competition for museums in the Czech Republic – in the category Museum Publication of 2003 – for the catalogue Textiles from Bohemian and Moravian Synagogues.

-          Main Award in The Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year competition for 2003 in the specialist and scientific literature category for the catalogue Textiles from Bohemian and Moravian Synagogues.



Prague, 8 April 2005

                                                                                                              Leo Pavlát

                                                                Director of the Jewish Museum in Prague



Attachments: information about economy JMP

a) incomes

b) expenses


Jewish museum in Prague employee structure

In 2004, the Jewish Museum in Prague had an average of 134 employees. On December 31, 2004, the Jewish Museum in Prague had 151 employees (including six employees on maternity leawe).

Museum management
Museum experts
Economic management staff and operational employees
Building protection and custodians
Support and other activities


Repairs and reconstructions of buildings (in thousands of CZK)

Building       1995-2003;  2004
Spanish synagogue       33 575;  133
33 708
Administration building in Jáchymova st.       3 215;  0
3 215
Maisel synagogue       16 673;  3
16 676
Pinkas synagogue       10 255;  670
10 925
Ceremonial hall       1 688;  41
1 729
Klausen synagogue       5 770;  19
5 789
Depository of textiles       2 665;  3
2 668
New Administration and Research Centre       93 503;  273
93 776
Education and Culture Centre       354;  0
Smíchov synagogue       16 109;   56 123
72 232
Brandýs synagogue       830;   25
Jewish Cemetery - Fibichova Praha 3       9 406;  398
9 804
Old Jewish Cemetery       6 158;   399
6 557
Total       200 201;  58 087
258 288



As of 31. Dec. 2003; As of 31. Dec. 2004
172 812; 190 525
Sales of goods and services
8 751; 10 215
Sales of entrance fees
120 792; 172 510
0; 358
Recognition of provisions
0; 0
Other revenues
43 269; 7 442
129 667; 142 746
Expenditures on realized sales
64 796; 78 758
Personnel costs
38 953; 42 905
12 170; 12 471
Other operating costs and provisiones
13 748; 8 612
12 973; 13 154
30 172; 34 625

BALANCE SHEET (in thousands of CZK)

As of 31. Dec. 2003; As of 31. Dec. 2004
138 134; 149 282
Intangible fixed assets
786; 1 151
Tangible fixed assets
137 348; 148 131
Financial investments
0; 0
147 291; 160 307
4 980; 5 479
12 919; 7 808
Financial assets
125 290; 145 980
4 102; 1 040
285 425; 309 589


263 596; 297 869
233 424; 263 244
Economic results in current accounting period
30 172; 34 625
21 829; 11 720
Short-term commitments
21 594; 10 534
0; 0
235; 1 186
285 425; 309 589

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