Ways of supporting the Jewish Museum in Prague

Do you like our work and would you like to support us in some way? Do you have any items or documents of historical interest that you would like to donate to our collections?

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The From Generation To... Interview Project is sponsored by Robert B. Fried and Family in honor of his 4 grandparents who are Holocaust survivors: Israel and Rifka Fried and Magda and Moshe Herskowitz 

Long-term financial support for recording interviews with the Shoah survivors allows us to record a greater number of interviews and preserve their unique memories.

The donator is Robert B. Fried from New York, who is also an author of a book of poetry, From Generation To... written during his childhood about his grandparents' experiences during the Holocaust.  For more information click  here 

"By establishing this program with the Museum, we will help to keep the stories of Holocaust survivors alive. In the wake of incidents of antisemitism and violence throughout Europe, it is becoming more and more important to educate the people of today, in hopes that the next generations ensure that atrocities such as the Holocaust never happen again." - Robert B. Fried

We have one of the largest collections of Judaica in the world. We also have a wealth of documents, photographs and audiovisual materials relating to the history and culture of the Jews in what is now the Czech Republic. You can support the care of these collections and our other work by providing a financial donation. Specific support can be provided, for example, to the following:

  • the restoration of items in our collections
  • the restoration of tombstones in Jewish cemeteries
  • the development of educational and awareness-raising programmes
  • research and documentation
  • cultural activities or the promotion of our work in general

Successful Project Example - restoration works at the Old Jewish Cemetery

In 2015 restoration of a dozen selected steles placed subsequently on a support wall by the Klausen Synagogue was carried out. Comprehensive restoration of a sandstone tomb on the Nefele hummock was also part of the project. All steles and tombs are in direct contact with the visitor route and are highly exposed to presentation.



Successful Project Example - Rare Book Restoration

In 2015 a private donor supported restoration of a rare manuscript, a so-called Memorbuch or Pinkas, i.e. a book of entries usually connected to a specific Jewish community (in this case the Kolín Jewish community). The manuscript contains mostly liturgical texts and various prayers.

 zapojte-se/5.jpg zapojte-se/5a.jpg

You can also select a specific project that we are currently implementing or preparing.

The terms of use for any donation can be arranged individually in accordance with your requirements. A deed of gift will be drawn up and receipt of any donation will be given for tax purposes.

Donations may also be made by direct bank transfer to the museum's account no. 10426398/6200 (when making a donation, please state the identification code 1382002).

You can also help expand our collections by donating items.

The Jewish Museum in Prague gives U.S. donors the option of making a tax-deductible contribution online at www.networkfor.good.org.  
Our fiscal agent in the US, Friends of Via, a U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a registered member of the Network for Good.  By requesting the online services of Friends of Via, your gift will be automatically acknowledged as tax deductible in the U.S. To use this option, please contact Jiri.tekal@jewishmuseum.cz or carol.hochman@friendsofvia.org for additional information.

Here is the direct link for making an online contribution to The Jewish Museum of Prague (JMP) through the Friends of Via connection to Network for Good.

For more information on how to support the Jewish Museum in Prague, please contact  jiri.tejkal@jewishmuseum.cz

Specific conservation projects for sponsors

The Jewish Museum in Prague has prepared a number of specific conservation projects for sponsors who would be willing to contribute to their funding or co-funding.
Have a look at the individual items and let us know if you would like any additional information. (contact: Jiří Tejkal)

Sidur. Siftej ranenot.

Probably Fürth, printed by Hayyim ben Zevi Hirsch, 1764.
Found in the genizah of the synagogue in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.
A large fragment of a prayerbook containing prayers for the whole year according to the Ashkenazi rite for Poland, Bohemia and Moravia. Found in the genizah of the synagogue in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Prayers in Hebrew, square script, Judendeutsch translation added in the bottom part of the page, printed in weiberschrift. Illustrated with a woodcut of two angels holding a round shield with the depiction of a grazing deer. Bound in wooden covers, which have been partly preserved (also containing a fragment of Seder Tehilim ve-Maamadot).
Estimated conservation cost: CZK 45,000
zapojte-se/0002.jpg  zapojte-se/0007.jpg  zapojte-se/0001.jpg

Shoe made with intertwined fabric bands.

Found in the genizah of the synagogue in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.
Textile, Bohemia, probably first half of the 19th century.
A low-heel laceless slip-on shoe, top made of black narrow bands of fabric, intertwined with a canvas binding and canvas-lined sole. Found in the genizah of the synagogue in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. Sewn hem band of fabric at the top edge, inner surface with a felted layer, probably hemp fibre. The surface layer is slightly torn and heavily soiled.

Estimated conservation cost: CZK 25,000
zapojte-se/G03-019K_04.jpg  zapojte-se/G03-019K_05.jpg  zapojte-se/G03-019K_08.jpg

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