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Library Regulations

Section 1

Basic provisions. The Library’s role and legal basis

1.1. Under the founding agreement of the Jewish Museum in Prague (hereinafter “the Museum”), the Museum Library (hereinafter “the Library”) is a publicly accessible specialized library in accordance with Section 3 of Act No. 257/2001 Coll. The Library is operated by the Museum.

1.2. The main role of the Library is to put together, register, process, preserve and provide access to collections of literary documents and materials that are necessary for the expert work of Museum staff and specialists. In all its activities, the Library aims to contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage, to the development of research and culture, and to the furthering of the education of citizens.

1.3. The activities of the Library are subject to the following legal regulations:

  1. Act No. 257/2001 Coll., on libraries and conditions for the operating of public library and information services (the Library Act)
  2. Decree of the Czech Ministry of Culture No. 88/2002 Coll. for the implementation of Act No. 257/2001 Coll. on libraries and conditions for the operating of public library and information services (the Library Act)
  3. Act No. 122/2000 Coll., on the protection of museum collections
  4. Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on copyright (the Copyright Act)
  5. Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data
  6. Other relevant acts and regulations.

Section 2

Library collection

2.1. The Library collection consists of two parts: the Historical Collection, which contains documents that are included in the Central Register of Collections and are subject to the provisions of Act No.122/2000 Coll; and the Specialized Collection, which contains documents pertaining to the Museum’s expert work. The latter includes documents that focus on Hebraistics, Judaistics, history, political science, history of art and museology; these are supplemented in accordance with the Museum’s thematic schedule and current needs.

2.2. Individual Museum staff members may put together their own study reference libraries by means of long-term loans from the Specialized Collection. These employees shall assume full responsibility for their own reference library.

2.3. Library users are required to protect the Library collection from damage.

Section 3

Library users – rights and obligations

3.1. Any person over the age of fifteen may become a user of the Library after registering and being issued with a borrower card. Persons under the age of fifteen may be registered only with the authorisation of a legal representative. The validity of the borrower card is issued for a limited time and may be extended only within the terms set out. After expiry of the borrower card, the user is no longer entitled to use the Library’s services. The borrower card is non-transferable and the user shall be held responsible in the event of its misuse. The user must inform the Library staff immediately if the borrower card is lost. Charges for registration and fines for losing the borrower card are set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List.

3.2. To register as a user, the following information must be furnished: Surname, first name, permanent address and date of birth. An ID-card or passport shall be used to verify the user’s identity, the accuracy of the information furnished by the user and the nationality of foreign nationals. When processing personal information, the Library shall proceed in accordance with Act No.101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data.

3.3. Library users are required to observe the Library regulations, the instructions of Library staff and the Museum’s visitor regulations. It is necessary to comply with the regulatory measures laid down by the Library and the Museum.

3.4. Before entering the reading room, Library users must leave their personal belongings (coats, bags, etc.) in the designated locker. Library users may bring with them into the reading room only writing materials, paper, a writing-pad or a laptop without a protective case..

3.5.Library users may only use areas of the Library that are publicly accessible. Library users must remain quiet and ensure that cleanliness and order are maintained in the Library. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library. Further, it is not permitted to talk loudly or to disturb other Library users in any way. The use of cameras and mobile phones is possible only with the approval of the Library staff.

3.6. Access to the Library is denied to inebriated or otherwise intoxicated persons, persons in soiled clothing and armed persons. No animals are allowed in the Library. Explosives, easily inflammable materials and any other materials or items that may endanger the security of other visitors may not be brought into the Library.

3.7. Library users may use only one seat in the reading room. If the seats in the reading room are all occupied, it is necessary to wait outside the Library area for a seat to become available.

3.8. Library users may not take catalogue cards out of the catalogues or write on them.

3.9. If the Library user does not abide by the Library regulations, he/she may be temporarily or permanently deprived of his/her entitlement to use the Library services. This does not free the Library user of his/her obligations regarding recompense for damage, or of his/her responsibility under the valid legal regulations.

3.10. Comments, recommendations and suggestions for the Library may be presented in writing or in person to the Library staff member on duty.

3.11. In the interest of protecting the Library collection from theft or damage, the Library area may be monitored by a closed-circuit television system. Visitors should be aware that their movements in the reading room may be recorded.

Section 4

Borrowing and other services

4.1. Library users may use freely accessible books in the reference library, as well as the magazines and newspapers on display. Other items may be loaned only via a member of the Library staff.

4.2. Books from the Historical Collection are available only for on-site consultation.

4.3 Registered users may borrow and take off the Library premises only books published after 1945. The Library staff member on duty may determine which books are exempt from this provision (documents in a poor state of repair, bibliophilic material, books from the reference libraries of staff members, etc.).

4.4. The Library user may not consult more than ten bound volumes on-site at any one time or borrow and take off the Library premises more than five bound volumes at any one time.

4.5 The loan period is one month. If the Library user fails to observe this time limit, he/she is required to pay a fine when returning the borrowed item(s). The amount of the fine is set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List. The loan period may be extended up to three times prior to its expiry, provided that the borrowed item has not been recalled. The loan may be renewed in justified cases, but the borrowed item must be returned before it is checked out again.

4.6 The Library may at any time, without giving reasons, set a shorter loan period or require the immediate return of an item before the loan period expires. In exceptional circumstances, a shortened loan period may not be extended.

4.7. Books intended for on-site consultation may be taken out of the Library area only by specialist Museum employees. However, they may not take these books out of the Museum building and must return them at the request of a Library staff member in order to enable other Library users to consult them. Further, they may not lend these items to other persons. They shall assume full responsibility for all borrowed items throughout the loan period and must return them before their employment contract with the Museum comes to an end.

4.8. In exceptional and duly substantiated cases, the chief librarian or a Library staff member authorised by the chief librarian may allow documents intended for on-site consultation to be taken outside the Museum building. In such cases, the Library shall require a deposit to be left as a guarantee that it will be properly returned, for which a receipt will be made out. The deposit will be returned by the Library upon return of the borrowed item(s) and upon presentation of the receipt.

4.9. Items may be loaned for exhibition purposes only on the basis of a loan agreement that sets out all the relevant legal terms and is registered by the Museum’s documentation department.

4.10. The Library user must return all borrowed items in the same state of repair in which they were borrowed. Otherwise, the Library user will be held responsible for any damage and will be obligated to pay the Library for repairs to the item(s) in question or, in the event of loss, to pay for the item(s) to be replaced. Library users may not write on, underline, or mark any borrowed items.

4.11. The Library user may not lend any borrowed items to other persons. The Library user shall assume full responsibility for all borrowed items for the duration of the loan.

4.12. Inter-library borrowing services When requested by Library users, the Library shall mediate the borrowing or copying of documents that are not in its collections by contacting other libraries in the Czech Republic through the inter-library borrowing service. The Library shall also mediate requests made by Museum staff members for use of the international inter-library borrowing service. The Library shall mediate the inter-library borrowing service and the international inter-library borrowing service in accordance with the borrowing service rules and for the fees set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List.

4.13. Information and bibliographic services The Library is developing and provides access to its apparatus of information in the form of various catalogues and card indexes based on an electronic catalogue. The Library provides the public with factographic bibliographic, reference and library-related information, both in person and in writing. The Library carries out literature searches/data retrievals on the basis of requests. The relevant fees are set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List.

4.14. Photocopying services The Library provides photocopying services. Photocopies are intended solely for the personal use of the Library user who is required to use them in accordance with the provisions of Act No.121/2000 Coll. Library members of staff are entitled to determine which materials may not be copied: for example, due to further damage, if the making of copies is not in compliance with the legal regulations. The cost of photocopies is set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List.

Section 5

Computer rooms

5.1. Computer rooms are intended for the use of the Library’s electronic sources of information (including CD-ROMs) and for providing access to freely available research data on the Internet.

5.2. Library users are not allowed to use any other computer programs in the Library other than the ones provided.

5.3. Library users may not, by any means, try to gain access rights or a privileged position that does not pertain to them. If a Library user gains an unauthorized privileged position or access rights in any way (including software and hardware errors to the system), he/she must report this immediately to a member of the Library staff.

5.4. All information and data acquired (in any form and on any medium) shall serve only for the Library user’s personal needs and for study purposes. This may not be further disseminated, reproduced, copied, sold or used in any other way, particularly for commercial purposes.

5.5. Library users shall assume full responsibility for any changes to the computer configuration that they bring about and for any damages caused while handling computer devices, including damage caused by virus infections.

5.6. The operation of the Library’s computer network may be limited or suspended due to essential technical and software maintenance of the network or for other serious reasons.

5.7. Fees for using the Internet are set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List.

Section 6

Charges and replacement costs

6.1. Charges for using the services of the Museum Library are set out in the Library Services and Fees Price List, as are charges for reminders, photocopying services and literature searches/data retrievals.

6.2. Replacement costs for lost or damaged materials may be paid in the following ways:

  1. providing an undamaged copy of the same item in the same edition and binding;
  2. if the above is not possible, a bound copy shall be provided (alternatively, the cost of the copy and binding shall be paid for);
  3. if neither of the above is possible, the Library user may be required to supply another edition of the item or a completely different item at the same price;
  4. alternatively, the Library may require a replacement cost depending on the market price of the item at the time of the loss.

6.3. If the Library user causes damage to technical facilities (computer technology, reader equipment, etc.) due to poor handling, he/she shall pay all the costs for the repair of these facilities or of the computer network.

6.4. Until the means for replacing lost items and paying off all debts have been settled, the Library may suspend provision of all of its services to the Library user in question.

Section 7

Final provisions

7.1. These Library regulations come into effect on the date of signature. The Library regulations of 24 September 2002 are hereby cancelled.

At Prague, 21 May 2007
Leo Pavlát, Director of the Jewish Museum in Prague
Alena Jelínková, Chief Librarian