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From 06. 04. To 04. 06. 2006

MELISSA SHIFF Reframing Ritual: Postmodern Jewish Wedding

From 06. 04. 2006 to 04. 06. 2006

Main aisle of the Spanish Synagogue
April 6 – June 4, 2006, open daily 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. except Saturdays and Jewish holidays

The project of young Canadian artist, Melissa Shiff, offers an alternative look at a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. Led by an effort to enliven the rigid ritual practice that has remained unchanged for centuries and the desire to give it a new meaning that can be sustainable in today’s plurality of opinions and identities, the artist has decided to prepare her own wedding as an experimental ‘live performance’. 

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From 02. 02. To 19. 03. 2006

The man who never gave up: The story of Josef Polák (1886-1945)

From 02. 02. 2006 to 19. 03. 2006

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
February 2 – March 19, 2006, every day except Saturdays 9 a.m. – 4.30, p.m.

This is the story of a man who devoted his life to advocating ideals in the real world. A man who prioritised putting the ideas of Masaryk’s Czechoslovakia into practice before pursuing his own interests. A man who actively and tirelessly worked for the benefit of society. A man who managed to rise above nationalities, languages, creeds and party allegiance. A man who did not hesitate to put his own life at risk in the struggle against the enemy. A man who never gave up.

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From 01. 01. To 31. 12. 2006

Year of Jewish Culture - 100 Years of the Jewish Museum in Prague

From 01. 01. 2006 to 31. 12. 2006

January - December 2006

The year 2006 marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish Museum in Prague. During the momentous occasion of this important anniversary, the Jewish Museum has approached other cultural institutions in the Czech Republic, as well as artists, Jewish communities and public officials for their support. Together with the contribution of several embassies and foreign cultural centres, the Museum has prepared the „Year of Jewish Culture – 100 Years of the Jewish Museum in Prague“, a yearlong project that will take place all across the country.

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From 17. 11. To 15. 01. 2005


From 17. 11. 2005 to 15. 01. 2006

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
11/17/2005 – 1/15/2006, daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except Saturdays)

The images shown on this web page are taken from media artist Michael Bielický’s unique telematic installation This Year in Jerusalem at the Robert Guttmann Gallery at the Jewish Museum in Prague, which ran from November 17, 2005 through January 15, 2006.

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From 07. 09. To 06. 11. 2005

GEORG Jilovsky: Prague Painter and Graphic Artist

From 07. 09. 2005 to 06. 11. 2005

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
7 September – 6 November 2005

Jilovsky was born on 15 March 1884 in the Vinohrady district of Prague. His parents, Josef Jilovsky (1852–1921) and Julie (née Heller, 1863–1939), came from small villages in Central Bohemia and moved to Prague shortly before he was born

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From 20. 07. To 28. 08. 2005

Those who see this picture won't sin: Jewish art on parchment and paper

From 20. 07. 2005 to 28. 08. 2005

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
20 July – 28 August 2005

The items from Jewish households and synagogues that have been selected for this exhibition, particularly from the Jewish Museum in Prague’s collection of manuscripts, are not prescribed religious appurtenances. Pictures or texts-pictures that were made as an expression of folk piety at the margins of the canonical rituals of religious life, they became established in time as a necessary addition to, ornament for and commentary on such rituals.

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From 14. 04. To 10. 07. 2005

“Since then I have believed in fate…“ Transports of Protectorate Jews to the Baltic States, 1942

From 14. 04. 2005 to 10. 07. 2005

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
14 April – 10 July 2005

The exhibition Transports of Protectorate Jews to the Baltic States deals with the transport trains that were dispatched from the Terezín ghetto before 26 October 1942, when deportations to Auschwitz began. The first part of the exhibition is on the fate of Bohemian Jews who were transported between 9 January and 22 October 1942 to the Nazi-occupied Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia. The second part, which is currently under preparation, will be on deportations to Belarus and eastern Poland.

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From 24. 02. To 27. 03. 2005


From 24. 02. 2005 to 27. 03. 2005

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
February 24 – March 27, 2005

The presentation is a part of the exhibition series Places of Memory, which explores the potential of public spaces as loci for remembrance and the interpretation of history.

The project is also part of the cycle Jewish Presence in Contemporary Visual Arts, which is now into its third year at the Robert Guttmann Gallery. The series focuses on the relation between contemporary visual culture and Judaism and is curated by Michaela Hájková.

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From 20. 01. To 13. 02. 2005

Aleš Veselý - Three Gates: Project for PInkas Street in Prague

From 20. 01. 2005 to 13. 02. 2005

Pinkasova street

When I first spoke with Aleš Veselý at the Forum 2000 conference four years ago in Prague about how to give new life to the street by Pinkas Synagogue, he suggested drawing up a ­project for this. I considered it appropriate that he should be the one to complete Pinkas Street with his sculptures, for he is a person with a personal Jewish experience and an outstanding artist of international renown. “Three Gates,” as Aleš Veselý titled his project, is already a work, at the study stage, that invites many interpretations. It is indisputable that it could enrich the space of Pinkas Street in every sense possible, and, moreover, provide a deep experience that is ­characteristic of the artwork itself.

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From 08. 11. To 30. 12. 2004

Jiří Běhounek - Jewish Motifs in Illustrated Works

From 08. 11. 2004 to 30. 12. 2004

Education & Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague
Maiselova 15, 110 00 Prague 1, 3rd floor

Jiří Běhounek - Jewish Motifs in Illustrated Works - an exhibition of illustrations by Jiří Běhounek.

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