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From 24. 02. To 27. 03. 2005


From 24. 02. 2005 to 27. 03. 2005

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1
February 24 – March 27, 2005

The presentation is a part of the exhibition series Places of Memory, which explores the potential of public spaces as loci for remembrance and the interpretation of history.

The project is also part of the cycle Jewish Presence in Contemporary Visual Arts, which is now into its third year at the Robert Guttmann Gallery. The series focuses on the relation between contemporary visual culture and Judaism and is curated by Michaela Hájková.

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From 20. 01. To 13. 02. 2005

Aleš Veselý - Three Gates: Project for PInkas Street in Prague

From 20. 01. 2005 to 13. 02. 2005

Pinkasova street

When I first spoke with Aleš Veselý at the Forum 2000 conference four years ago in Prague about how to give new life to the street by Pinkas Synagogue, he suggested drawing up a ­project for this. I considered it appropriate that he should be the one to complete Pinkas Street with his sculptures, for he is a person with a personal Jewish experience and an outstanding artist of international renown. “Three Gates,” as Aleš Veselý titled his project, is already a work, at the study stage, that invites many interpretations. It is indisputable that it could enrich the space of Pinkas Street in every sense possible, and, moreover, provide a deep experience that is ­characteristic of the artwork itself.

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From 08. 11. To 30. 12. 2004

Jiří Běhounek - Jewish Motifs in Illustrated Works

From 08. 11. 2004 to 30. 12. 2004

Education & Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague
Maiselova 15, 110 00 Prague 1, 3rd floor

Jiří Běhounek - Jewish Motifs in Illustrated Works - an exhibition of illustrations by Jiří Běhounek.

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From 14. 10. To 09. 01. 2004

Alexadr Brandejs / Adolf Wiesner: The patron of arts and his son-in-law

From 14. 10. 2004 to 09. 01. 2005

Jewish Museum in Prague, Robert Guttmann Gallery, U Staré školy 3, Prague 1

Alexandr Brandeis (1848–1901) was a patron of the arts, but primarily a friend of the leading Czech artists of the 19th century. He liked to surround himself with their paintings and was sufficiently generous to believe in their talent and to give them help whenever they needed it. He was a well-known figure among Czech artists, many of whom later reminisced about their time spent at his estate in Suchdol near Prague.

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From 12. 08. To 26. 09. 2004


From 12. 08. 2004 to 26. 09. 2004

The exhibition runs from 12 August until 26 September 2004 in the Robert Guttmann Gallery.
Open daily 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., except Saturdays and Jewish holidays

The Jewish Museum in Prague has prepared a new exhibition in association with the renowned Israel-based American Jewish artist, Mel Alexenberg. Entitled Cyberangels, the exhibition is focused on an aesthetic peace plan for the Middle East.
The exhibition is part of the ongoing series Jewish Presence in Contemporary Visual Art (now into its second year) at the Robert Guttmann Gallery, which is focused on exploring the relation between Judaism and contemporary visual culture. The curator is Michaela Hájková

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From 24. 06. To 22. 07. 2004

Laces from the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague

From 24. 06. 2004 to 22. 07. 2004

The exhibition runs from 24 June until 22 July 2004 in the Robert Guttmann Gallery. Open daily 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., except Saturdays and Jewish holidays

All the known textile techniques and materials are represented in the diverse textile collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague. The Museum's depositories also store a number of items whose ornamentation involves the use of bobbin lace in various forms. These synagogue and ceremonial textiles, garments and accessories, made over the course of almost four centuries, have not been presented to the public and specialists until this year. 

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From 04. 02. To 11. 04. 2004

EMIL ORLIK (1870–1932) - Portraits of Friends and Contemporaries

From 04. 02. 2004 to 11. 04. 2004

Robert Guttmann Gallery
U Staré školy 3, Prague 1, Czech Republic
4 February 2004 – 11 April 2004
Open daily 10 a.m. – 4.30 p.m., except Saturdays and Jewish holidays

Of the various areas of Orlik's work the most extensive is that of portraiture, in which he attained most acclaim during his life. This body of work includes dozens of woodcuts, a large number of paintings and, in particular, hundreds of prints and thousands of drawings and sketches. These are housed in many public and private collections and, to date, have never been published. His portraits are inseparably linked to the period and social milieu in which they were made: each one is connected with a particular detail from one of Orlik's letters or from the life of the subject.

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From 16. 10. To 23. 01. 2003

Long-lost Faces - Recollections of Holocaust victims in documents and photographs

From 16. 10. 2003 to 23. 01. 2004

The exhibition runs from 16 October 2003 till 23 January 2004 in the Robert Guttmann Gallery. Open daily 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., except Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

The exhibition “Long-lost Faces” is based on the project “Help Search for Neighbours who Disappeared”, which was launched in December 2001 by the Jewish Museum in Prague. The aim of this project was to approach as many people as possible with a request to help out in the gathering of documents on the wartime and pre-war lives of Jews who were racially persecuted during World War II. The Museum contacted the public through a series of media appeals for assistance in the search for mementos, photographs and other material that recall their lives, faces and fates.

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From 26. 06. To 26. 09. 2003

Adolf Kohn - Painter of the Prague Ghetto

From 26. 06. 2003 to 26. 09. 2003

Exhibition extended until 26 September 2003

The exhibition runs from 26/6 - 19/9 2003

This exhibition is available for loan abroad. More info here.


Adolf Kohn was born on 10 March 1868, a year after the Jews in the Habsburg Empire had been granted full equality. He stemmed from a respected Prague family; his father, Bernard, served as cantor at the Pinkas Synagogue and his elder brother, Emil Klement, was a celebrated professor of medicine at Prague University. His mother, Rozálie (née Stern), was born in the village of Kovanic in the Poděbrady region, not far from Prague. In view of his father’s position, it is likely that the family was already living in or near the Jewish Town (Josefov) when he was born. This is where Kohn spent his childhood and youth, exploring all the alleyways, yards and hidden corners of the Prague ghetto.

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From 16. 04. To 15. 06. 2003

Silenced Tones - The life and work of the Czech Jewish composers Gideon Klein and Egon Ledeč

From 16. 04. 2003 to 15. 06. 2003

Robert Guttmann Gallery 16/4 - 15/6 2003

This exhibition presents the life and work of two musicians - Gideon Klein and Egon Ledeč – with special focus on the period before World War II. Gideon Klein, born in 1919, became actively involved in music in the 1930s, when he launched his career as a concert pianist and set about composing; his works became of increasing importance. The Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, however, put a violent end to what was a promising career. He continued composing, but was no longer able to study or perform in public concerts.

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