Judaica Bohemiae LVI - 2


  • SPYRA Janusz, ‘Court Jews’ (‘Hofjuden’) in Remote Areas of Silesia: A Contribution to the Seventeenth-Century History of the Jews in the Bohemian Lands /5–21/
  • JELÍNKOVÁ Andrea, The Haskalah in Brno (Brünn)? Enlightenment Works Produced by the Moravian Hebrew Printing Press /23–45/


  • BLECHOVÁ Lenka, Jews in the Lesser Town of Prague during the Transition from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period: Houses, Period Contexts and the Malostranský Family /47–81/


  • KOCMAN Pavel, International Conference ‘The Holocaust Documentation Centre in Moravia’ /83–86/


  • TELLER Adam, Rescue the Surviving Souls: The Great Jewish Refugee Crisis of the Seventeenth Century (Pavel Kocman) /87–93/
  • CRHOVÁ Marie, ed., Reframing Jewish Life: Moravian Jewry in the Modern Period (Marcin Wodziński) /94–97/
  • MAHLA Daniel, Orthodox Judaism and the Politics of Religion: From Prewar Europe to the State of Israel (Daniel Baránek) /98–100/
  • NEUMANN Ariana, Pod svícnem tma. Hledání příběhu mého otce [Hidden in Plain Sight: Searching for My Father’s Story] (Petr Brod) /101–107/

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