Judaica Bohemiae LIV - 1


  • BUŇATOVÁ Marie, Trade Contacts between Prague Jews and Northern Italy and their Engagement in the Italian Commodity Trade in the 16th and Early 17th Centuries /5–30/
  • SOUKUP Daniel, Holy Curiosity: Circumcision as a Rhetorical Concept in a Bohemian Catholic Sermon from the 18th Century /31–65/


  • DLESKOVÁ Tereza – KOCMAN Pavel – ŽONCA Milan, Jüdische Siegel und Stempel aus Dambořitz (Dambořice) /67–92/


  • PÁLKA Petr, Twenty-Five Years of the Židé a Morava [Jews and Moravia] Conference in Kroměříž /93–97/


  • KLEIN Rudolf, Synagogues in Hungary, 1782–1918. Genealogy, Typology and Architectural Significance (Arno Pařík) /99–103/
  • SPYRA Janusz, Rabbiner in der Provinz. Die Rolle des Rabbiners im Leben der jüdischen Gemeinschaft in Teschener und Troppauer Schlesien (Pavel Kocman) /104–107/
  • VACÍN Luděk, The Unknown Benno Landsberger. A Biographical Sketch of an Assyriological Altmeister’s Development, Exile, and Personal Life (Daniel Baránek) /108–110/

Židovské muzeum v Praze

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